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You can’t use the word “sale” 365 days a year and expect anyone to believe it, I mean, right?  Travelers have a phobia of airline emails and rarely ever trust any travel brand with their best methods of contact. When its time to book their dream trip, people often default to entering their worst contact info, or the email address they send their junk mail, just to avoid getting barraged with emails along the lines of “add these great extras to your trip”.

That’s a huge mistake, and one with potentially epic consequences. Here’s why you always need to enter your very best info, every time.

a black board with white text and yellow dotsFlights Subject To Change

You walk up to the check in counter at noon for your 3pm flight and it happens. You played it safe just like the airlines always recommend doing, but actually – you didn’t. Your flight had a schedule change and it left without you about 3 hours ago. This sort of thing happens somewhere around the world every single day but it’s not the only thing that can happen. Airlines regularly…

  • Change the departure time of a flight, without notice.
  • Cancel flights, then move passengers to different flights.
  • Move passengers from their assigned seats, without any notice.
  • Upgrade or downgrade passengers, depending on operational needs.
  • Re route travelers via different airports or airlines, at random.

Good Contact Info

No one really considers these things until they actually happen to their travels and at that point, it’s obviously too late. Long story made shorter: you should always enter your very best contact info, including a reachable mobile phone number and your most checked email address where you’ll actually read. If you don’t…

  • You may completely miss your rescheduled flight.
  • Miss out on space for the next flight, which went to early birds.
  • Not know of upgrades, downgrades or airplanes swaps. 
  • Miss opportunities to change plans for free due to weather.

Proactive Flight Info

Good contact info is just the first step. There are great apps out there which let you know when things change even before the airlines do, and that’s definitely the best way to stay on top of any and all flight related changes. Check out CheckMyTrip, TripItPro or TripCase. You really can’t go wrong, and you literally may know when schedules change before the airline lets you know. At the very least, it’s always great to download your airline’s app, which can push new options or info to you in real time…

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  1. Is it just your opinion that people often enter their worst info, or do you have facts? I find it hard to believe that people are dumb enough to not enter important contact info when actually purchasing something as important as flights.

    1. I liaise on a daily basis with airline, hotel and other staff and this is noted as one of the most common issues. For example: people leave their home number, but are never home, or leave their bulk marketing email address and the “your flight has changes” gets lost in the fray.

      I don’t take the time to write things just to pass my days.

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