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From Yosemite to the Northern Lights in Iceland, you can almost feel the joy of travel, without leaving home, thanks to 24/7 streaming webcams. After all, you can only watch an Idiot Abroad so many times.

Webcams with 24 hour live streams are still up and running while the world comes to grips with the global crisis, and that means from the safety and comfort of your own home, or even bed, you can get a head start on planning your next trip, or simply seeing place you may never get to. Here are a few which are sure to brighten your day.

We all need it, and if you’re watching a beach camera, like Palawan, be sure to put on your flip flops and some sunscreen before browsing, and do note the time difference.

Stunning Yosemite Live Cams

Yosemite is one of the must visually stunning locations in the world, and that’s true in any direction. If you watched Free Solo, the incredible documentary about free climber Alex Honnold, you got a brief glimpse, but there’s so much more to this national park.

You can check out El Capitan, Yosemite Falls and much more, all from the National Parks Webcams. It’s free…

Close up of lion cubs laying together waiting upon mother.African Safari Cams is one of the coolest resources for anyone around the globe hoping to… explore. The free streaming site has live cam access to animals, beaches and beautiful destinations around the world.

Some of the best examples are the streaming cams from Africa, which can take you on a virtual safari. I’m currently watching elephants bathe and my day is already better from it.

palawan-el-nidoSee Palawan El Nido

Getting to Palawan, arguably the world’s most beautiful island is no small feat. From anywhere outside of Asia you’re looking at multiple flights, and probably a few extra transfers too. Not today!

Skyline has some fantastic web cams including Rome’s Colosseum, but none more aspirational than the beautiful shores of Palawan El Nido. It’s hard not to swoon as you watch the small boats come in and out…

a red pagoda with Mount Fuji in the backgroundExplore Mt. Fuji From 8 Angles

Mount Fuji in Japan is one of the ultimate sights to see, in part because of its cultural significance to the Japanese people. It’s stunningly beautiful, and in season, autumn foliage makes this glorious, snow capped mountain shine.

There are at least 8 full time camera feeds of Mt. Fuji, so if you want to plot where your tour should take you, this is a great way to get a feel for the area. Plus, it’s just nice to know it’s still there.

a man standing on a rock with mountains in the backgroundStunning Queenstown, New Zealand Webcams

Nothing ever replaces being there, or eating Fergburger, but just seeing the glory that is Queenstown can make you smile. And like most of these places, these cams should make you want to jump up and go, just as soon as its advisable to travel again.

The city of Queenstown has a variety of webcams available 24/7, even including the top of some snow capped mountain peaks, all of which can be viewed here.

LA flight deal.Breeze The Santa Monica Pier

Santa Monica brings some of the world’s best sunset views, and even with the eyesore of a large wheel in the background, it’s beautiful to watch the shores from home.

You can stream a variety of angles of Santa Monica on Pacific Park. It’s free, which might save you on a trip to LA in the interim, but when you safely get the chance, definitely go to LA when you can, it’s an amazing.

Northern lights and snow covered mountains in Lofoten islands, Norway. Aurora borealis. Starry sky with polar lights and snowy rocks reflected in water. Night winter landscape with aurora, sea. NatureStunning Northern Lights Feeds

When its daytime where you are, it may be nighttime somewhere the aurora is kicking off! Watching the captivating shades of neon zip through the sky is an easy way to pass the day, or night and it sure beats your desktop screensaver.

There are a variety of live Northern Lights feeds that pop up in Canada, Iceland, Norway and beyond, so take your pick and enjoy!

Whatever you want to see, googling “(place you want to see) live cams” should do the trick.

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