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The hardest part of travel: staying remotely fit…

When you’re at home, it’s easy to find yourself in a good, healthy routine. Traveling, not so much. From sleepless nights to “chicken or fish” on the plane, there are health challenges everywhere. And that’s not even getting started on the whole celebrating, partying or enjoying the most of the unique foods and delicious beverages many of us specifically seek out abroad. There’s nothing wrong with going somewhere just for the food. Hello, Spanish Jamon Iberico – we love you. Every person and every body is different, but these tips give you the best shot to maintain your fitness while enjoying the delights of the world…

a plate of food on a white surfaceEat On Local Time

Trying to eat on or closer to local destination time, even before you leave the country you’re presently in can help ease your metabolism into a natural pattern which reduces jet lag. That’s a scientific fact. What this means is: think about what time it is where you are going, and try to aim to slowly bring your meal schedule closer to theirs, than yours at home. It will also stop you from waking up in the middle of the night thinking it’s breakfast time and heading out to eat anything you can find.

Take Your Own Snacks

As everyone knows, plane food is not usually the most delicious or more importantly, nutritious. Take your own food with you on the plane, to eat when and how you want and hopefully enjoy a little more flavor too. Non liquid food is a-ok to pass through airport security scanners. Healthy snacks are also a great way to pass time without giving into empty calories like Biscoff. Just be sure you’re complying with local customs laws wherever you go. Trying to bring a banana into New Zealand could cost you $500, even if it was given to you on the plane!

a living room with a couch and a tableRent An Apartment Style Accommodation

Having kitchen facilities and being able to cook offers so many better options when it comes to eating quality foods while away. Whether it’s an easy breakfast or a quick lunch, finding a local supermarket and making at least one of your own meals from scratch per day can save money and prevent overeating. Before renting via Airbnb, Sweet Inn, Oasis or another great apartment style service, inquire about local markets, groceries or places to pick up quality foods. It’s nice to balance dining out with simple and fresh home prepared foods.

Avoid Airplane Food

If you’re a fan of airplane food, we would genuinely like to know why. Yes “it’s free” at the moment, but it’s really not when you actually think about it. Because your taste buds are numbed at 33,000 feet, extra sodium, salts, sugar and modifiers are added to most airline food to give you at least some resemblance of taste, which make them some of the most unhealthy meals in the world. Even the best of the best up in the skies just can’t compare to a good meal on the ground, though Virgin Atlantic’s latest partnership does seem to be trying…

a pair of shoes and a t-shirtUse Apps For In Room Workouts

A hotel gym is almost always the best, but if you forgot your gear, don’t want to face the world or just want a quick hit of quality exercise, apps are your friend. There are many excellent workout apps out there, but 7 Minutes Workout and 12 Minute Athlete are great tools, some of which are even free. With few exceptions, a hotel room floor offers more than enough space to master these workouts and you don’t need equipment, or even shoes really! Or even…

Take A Water Bottle

The sheer act of bringing a reusable water bottle reminds you to stay hydrated and hydration really is the key to solving so many problems when you travel. Take a reusable water bottle with you and fill it up before flying and just be sure to empty before going through security. Keep it with you day to day to stay hydrated, and if you drink enough you won’t feel as hungry come meal time, which has obvious benefits in keeping your eating habits safely under control.

a painted garage door on a buildingFind Local Workout Classes

Standard gym memberships are boring. What’s far more interesting are the outfits which let you bring your membership with you via worldwide branches, or can recommend reciprocal gyms which you can access in many cities around the world. Even if you’re in a place without reciprocal gym access, ask a concierge if they can connect you with a walkable bootcamp, pilates, spin or whatever type of class you enjoy. Many hotels have partnerships which allow you to take a trial class for free. Some, such as the W Barcelona even bring the workout class to the hotel once a week. Don’t forget almost every brand has fitness partnerships in place.

Find A Local Supermarket

Once you know where you’re staying, use Google or whatever mapping service you prefer to find the nearest supermarket or food stalls. Even if you don’t have a kitchen, stocking up some fresh fruit or healthy snacks while dodging mini bar prices can save you a fortune and keep you full on good things. Not only that, if you go the local market route, you’ll see more of the destination and that’s always a good thing.

a glass of champagne on a tableEverything In Moderation

You’ve heard it, you know it, and you may have even tried to disprove it, but it’s frustratingly logical. Travel especially leads to exciting new places, nights out, indulging in new cuisines and an urge to try well… everything. There’s nothing wrong with any of that, but don’t overdo it. Try anything you want in moderation and be conscious as to how much is going in your body. Unless of course it’s your first time flying up front, then go crazy – just not strapped to the chair crazy.

Don’t Skip Meals

Eating regular meals is seriously important. People tend to skip breakfast via brutal jet lag, but that’s the meal which fuels your body for the day ahead and creates energy to push on as you begin to fatigue. Plus, if you skip it, you’ll likely end up over compensating later on. If you’re struggling with jet lag and really not feeling hungry, try light foods, berries and small portions more often throughout the day. Constant snacking on good foods is good.

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  1. I found this post funny since I normally lose weight when I travel. Whenever I visit a new city, I prefer to walk everywhere and that alone burns a lot of calories.

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