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There’s no excuses now…

Hotel gyms can definitely leave you lacking motivation. It’s hard enough to want to sweat while traveling at all, and when faced with 50 shades of bland atmosphere, it’s even harder. With more and more travelers focused on wellness, fitness and diet, hotels are ditching conference rooms for yoga studios and even lending equipment to get people active. Hotels are seriously upping their game. If you’re into fitness, wellness, nutrition and not overpacking, these clever hotels have teamed up with some leading fitness brands to bring you everything you need. There’s officially no excuses…

a woman stretching in a gymHilton – Five Feet To Fitness

Hilton’s fitness concept is simple, at least in some hotels. Why should you have to leave your hotel room to get a good sweat on. After all, it’s where you’ll go to *hopefully* shower afterwards. With at least 11 pieces of fitness equipment right in your room and over 25 different classes and 200 guided tutorials to choose from, you’ll be wishing you had this kind of set up in your own house. And yes, there’s an exercise bike too. Five Feet to Fitness hotel rooms are presently in 13 different hotels, and we’re hoping this idea makes its way to many more soon.

Fairmont – Reebok

Packing running shoes and workout clothes for a short trip can take up unnecessary space, and in the days of basic economy fares, where you’re charged for each checked bag, it’s not worth it. Fortunately, Fairmont have partnered with Reebok to create Fairmont Fit; and if you’re a Fairmont loyalty member, you can enter your sizes and preferences into your profile to have shoes, clothing and equipment delivered to your room. They will also offer you tried, tested and scenic running routes so you won’t get lost.

a pair of shoes and a t-shirtWestin – New Balance

Similar to Fairmont (but also, first), Westin hotels will provide you with shoes and workout gear from New Balance for $5, or the local equivalent. You’ll have to return the kit, but you do get to keep the socks – thank goodness! You can head to their gyms and fitness studios or go for a run using the provided running routes or run concierge’s provided by the hotel in select cities. There are also select hotels which provide Peloton bikes and workout accessories both in rooms and in  fitness centers, in addition to 100’s of classes on demand in your room.

Hyatt – Exhale Spas

Hyatt has been very busy acquiring fitness, wellness and spa operations. Hyatt added Miraval, the luxury wellness hotel group, this last year, and has now also added Exhale Spas. These spas, which are sometimes in shared spaces of Hyatt hotel properties offer Hyatt members the chance to earn and redeem points for fitness based activities such as barre, cardio and yoga, as well as rejuvenating one hour massages and facials. Of course, you can always use real money to book too. Elite Hyatt members receive trials and other free classes, which is a cool perk.

a man doing push ups on a deck with a glass of champagneW Hotels – Fuel Weekends

If you’re looking for a whole weekend of fitness fueled fun, *in between cocktails*, then look no further. Once you’re booked into a “Fuel” weekend, everything you need is taken care of. You can book into different hotel curated workout classes including boxing, yoga, cardio bootcamps and even more with celeb trainers. You’ll get breakfast, welcome cocktails and an endless amount of tiring but fun activities to take part in day and night. They’re nailing the whole detox-retox thing. Select W Hotels around the world have also collaborated with local gyms and bootcamps to bring unique classes directly to hotel guests, for free. Next time you’re at the W Barcelona, be sure to try an Urban Gorillas boot camp – dinner and wine will definitely feel much better later on!

EVEN Hotels – Lifestyle Hotel

EVEN Hotels are a new part of IHG and are bringing all things wellness to guests. With in-room workout equipment and a large selection of curated fitness videos and classes streamed directly to your room, they’ll just about make sure you don’t fall off all your fitness goals whilst traveling. They think well beyond just workouts too. EVEN Hotels restaurants are focused on health and nutrition based dishes, aimed to please “even” the fussiest of eaters. These new hotels are both lifestyle-friendly and eco-friendly, so it’s a win-win.

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