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Fortunately, you do get some real food…

When you hear that a virtual reality restaurant has opened, offering a wildly immersive dining experience, it’s not even remotely surprising that it’s in Tokyo. Japan is unquestionably at the forefront of all things robot, gadget, futuristic tech, and “ooh, that’s clever” so why not entirely rethink something ordinary like meals, too? For a dining experience that can only be described ad Cirque De Soleil meets Michelin starred restaurant, meets Avatar, a reservation at Tree by Naked, might be a must for your next Tokyo trip…

The Restaurant

Tree by Naked, located near Yoyogi Park in Tokyo offers a fusion of Japanese inspired cuisine from Ryotaro Muramatsu, the creator of Naked Inc, a company which specializes in sophisticated visual installations and experiences all over the world. Think: side of a famous building with crazy projection screen displays and 3D elements. Despite the name, Naked Inc installations generally feature clothed people. To highlight the company’s brilliant eye for transformational experiences, they’ve launched a restaurant unlike any other, but thankfully the food is very real.

a close-up of a plantThe Experience

An evening here is designed to activate, and perhaps challenge your senses. Smell, sound, sight, taste and touch are all put into action as visuals, sounds and objects present themselves. In case you’re lost, just watch the video above. Artfully presented plates of food are complimented by 3D projections cast onto the plate, creating stories and intrigue as courses flow. Is a plant actually sprouting on your plate in record time, or is it all part of the show? Apparently, the projections are so interactive, some even respond to guest behavior. And if that all doesn’t sound quite theatrical enough, the experience includes smoke, light and 360° sound effects, even different rooms for each course. Trippy, indeed. Team GSTP experienced something similar at Airbus headquarters recently…


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a glass with a piece of food in itThe Details

The intimate experience will consist of eight courses, each with a drink pairing, and will set you back 23,000 yen ($205), including tax and service charge. A reservation is a must, and needs to be made in pairs – so for either 2, 4, 6 or 8 people. Be sure not to turn up late for your time slot, sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the full on artistic experience – and try not to worry about the virtual reality headset ruining your outfit. To get the full wow factor, you’ll need to make a dinner reservation in advance.

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  1. This is cool! It’s like Le Petit Chef in London (At TT Liquor)! If you do get the chance to try and compare, do let us know which you prefer 😀 Thanks

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