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Flying business class is always exciting, but not all business class seats are created equal, even when flying on the same plane. As very regular passengers on board a variety of British Airways aircraft, we have a few tips to maximize your Club World experience. Sometimes it’s all about what you know, and beating others to the punch!

an airplane with a television and a chairan airplane with a seat and a doorYou Can Have Aisle Access And Privacy…

Much to the chagrin of many, not every seat in British Airways Club World is created equal. All seats on the aisle obviously offer direct aisle access, but they lack some privacy. On each aircraft there are at least a couple handfuls of seats which offer the privacy of a window, with the aded ease of direct aisle access. We even have a guide to the best seats on each plane. Take a look at seat 62K on the upper deck of 747, above. The queen could be sitting there and you wouldn’t know. Tip: assign seats early. 


a white airplane with two windowsa black hat with a white cord plugged into a drawerThere’s Tons Of Storage On A380, 747 Upper Deck

I’m a huge fan of newer planes like the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and Airbus A350XWB, but I value storage over almost everything. I travel with a laptop, cameras, emotional baggage, sweatshirts and all sorts of things that are very handy to store somewhere accessible. If you select a window seat on the upper deck of the 747 or A380, you’ll find ample space. There’s a small drawer perfect for wallets, passports, phones, hats, t shirts and water bottles below the seat, and then you have huge bins- capable of fitting backpacks and even the largest egos along the wall. If you don’t need storage space, shoot for the 787, which offers the freshest cabins, best air pressure and humidity. Tip: If given the choice, go upper deck. The bathrooms are better too!

a bowl of nuts and a glass of beer on a traya plate of food and a glass of wineAsk For Food & Wine Pairings With New Meal Service

We had a chance to try out the new Club World meal service earlier in the year, but we were recently able to experience it in the real world, on a regular flight. The new meal service, currently offered between London and New York is expanding quickly and is faster, and in our opinion better. Since entertainment is part of the price of admission in business class, it’s fun to ask for wine pairings. The crew are trained to offer wines that complement each dish. This salmon tartare with wasabi creme frâiche was delicious, as was the New Zealand “Tiki” Sauvignon Blanc that accompanied. And while we’re on it. Just don’t order the steak. We know it’s luxurious, but steaks on a plane are rarely good and the other dishes are almost sure to be better. Tip: On a short flight, eat in the lounge and go straight to sleep. On a longer flight, maximize the culinary  experience. Oh, and choose curry whenever possible. 

What’s your best tip when flying Club World?

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  2. Hello can someone please explain me what is “emotional baggage”? As normal European we don’t come across these things like emotional animal support or whatever it is.

    1. Sorry, it’s a joke : ) It was a poor attempt at humor, meaning that I have “issues” which weigh me down. Cheers.

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