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By now you’ve seen lots of people saying “OMG, buy Starwood Points on sale”, and you might be wondering why you should care. You’ll soon know why. Starwood (SPG) points are far from your run of the mill hotel points, which may or may not help get you a free stay sometime down the road. These points are arguably the best tool on the market for unlocking incredible, luxury flying experiences for less cash and fewer points. Here are a few of the things buying Starwood (SPG) Points can do for you.

India To Southeast Asia In JAL Business Class, With Free Tokyo Stopover – Or Vice Versa

Vacation time is priceless, so seeing three amazing destinations like Singapore, Tokyo and Delhi in one trip, for just 20,000 SPG points is crazy. You can start in either Southeast Asia or India, and score a free stopover in Tokyo for a nice side trip, as long as you like in between. At just 20,000 SPG points, which you’ll transfer to Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan (full details here) you’re getting about 15 hours of flat bed business class on Japan Airlines for just about $500. Maybe start in Singapore, stop over in Tokyo for a few days and then finish in Delhi?

SPG Points Needed: 20,000 Points for $455.

Link With How To Book: Here.

Europe to North America In Lufthansa First Class – Or Vice Versa

If Lufthansa First Class isn’t good enough, you’ll just have to exclusively fly private. Lufthansa First is one of the very best experiences in the sky, with private Porsche transfers to the plane when flying out of Frankfurt! For just 40,000 SPG points, you can unlock the best trick to book Lufthansa First, thanks to a 5,000 point bonus for every 20,000 points you transfer (details here). This is surprisingly easy to book, and with a bit of creativity, you can buy more than the 30,000 generally allowed points.

SPG Points Needed: If you’ve got 30,000 Marriott or 10,000 SPG you can buy 30,000 SPG Points for $682. Taxes can run an additional $200. If you need 40,000 create a household account.

Link With How To Book: Here.

Southeast Asia To Australia In Cathay Pacific Business Class- Or Vice Versa

They may not sound far apart, but flights between Australia and Hong Kong aren’t exactly short. These flights can last 10+ hours, and with most of them being overnight, having a bed makes an extreme difference in comfort and happiness level. You can use just 25,000 SPG Points to unlock a great points redemption, once again via Alaska Mileage Plan (full details). Cathay Pacific flies an awesome Airbus A350 between Hong Kong, Perth and Melbourne, giving you two brilliant options in either direction.

SPG Points Needed: 25,000 Points for $580.

Link With How To Book: Here.

Europe To Middle East In Etihad First Class Apartments – Or Vice Versa

Yeah, we said apartments. If you’ve got at least 15,000 Marriott Points or 5,000 SPG Points, this is easy to book. You can fly Etihad’s First Class Apartment between select European cities and Abu Dhabi for just 35,000 points one way. There aren’t too many times you can say you’ve had an apartment on a plane, with a privacy door and took a shower for just 35,000 points (full details here).

SPG Points Needed: If you have 5,000 SPG points you just need to buy 30,000 Points for $682.  Taxes will add another $200. The more points you already have, the better.

Link With How To Book: Here.

U.S. To South America In United Business Class – Or Vice Vera

US to South America can often be one of the priciest business class tickets. Or… you can use just 30,000 Starwood Points (again) transferred to Asiana to unlock one way business class on United Airlines. Many of these flights offer more than 9 hours of flight time, allowing you to enjoy full comfort and service. You can’t ask for much more fun than Rio De Janeiro or Buenos Aires!

SPG Points Needed: 30,000 Points for $682.

Link With How To Book: Here.

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