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Some people love to travel, in any way or form, but others – not so much. The thought of packing, waiting, transiting and forgoing the comforts of home is just too much to bare for some. In search of amusing data and free headlines, RewardExpert conducted a survey to determine the countries with the grumpiest and happiest of travelers. Using over 3.5 million reviews from 13,410 hotels in 70 different countries, the survey determined intricate levels of grumpiness and travel happiness from each country, by average review scores left by people from each. Travelers around the world left 955,754 one or two star reviews – and 1,384,241 five star reviews. Without further adieu, here are the results, using their calculations.

a building with many windowsGrumpiest Travelers

10. Lithuania

9. Iran

8. Turkey

7. Denmark

6. Zimbabwe

5. Bulgaria

4. Italy

3. Iceland

2. Ireland

1. Spain

Does this list surprise you? Aren’t the Irish known to be one of the happiest of nations? Don’t Spanish people usually seem pretty chilled out? Perhaps, none of the above applies when it comes to staying in hotels? While the metrics are questionable at best, it’s fascinating to see Spanish guests leave on average the most negative hotel reviews in the world.

a large crowd of people in a plaza with a large building with Red Square in the backgroundHappiest Travelers

10. Colombia

9. United States

8. Jordan

7. Georgia

6. Israel

5. Belarus

4. Australia

3. Lebanon

2. Serbia

1. Russia

Apparently, Russians are the happiest tourists in the world. Either that, or their bots are generally only used for positive purposes, when hotels need 1,000,000 good reviews overnight. Russians made up a notable 46.16% of the five star reviews found across hotel platforms, but what tipped them for the top spot was their impressively low percentage of one and two star reviews, with only 4.99%. If you’re wondering where the good ole’ Brits ranked on the list, they came in at a solidly mediocre 27th of happy worldly travelers.

What makes you grump abroad?

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  1. USA didn’t make the grumpy list? With all those self serving, indulgent, pampered whiners? I’m shocked!!

  2. The fact that Russians not only didn’t top the grumpy list but topped the happy list pretty much invalidates the lists. I guess they’re worth a laugh, though.

  3. I was in Russia last year. I took many day tours with millennial Russian guides. Many stated their parents preferred communist Russia because they were guaranteed housing and jobs, but one of the reasons millennials preferred the present government was because they were allowed to travel and how much they enjoyed it. Maybe that is part of why they ranked so high. We take travel for granted; they don’t.

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