Easy tiger, this only requires one person…

When you think about it – flight in itself is pretty damn miraculous. Although many say the golden age involved a time when people smoked on planes, wore uncomfortable clothes and needed 7 stops to reach most long haul destinations, some might say the golden age of travel is only now upon us. One such example: showering on the plane. While this may sound like a pipe dream for the 1% of 1%, it’s far more attainable than you might think – and yes, it’s 100% the coolest thing you can do in the skies, at least with one person…

A380 Showers

The Airbus A380 is the giant airplane that looks like a cross between a whale and a porpoise, and never looks like it should be able to take off. With two decks the entire length of the plane, it’s the largest commercial aircraft in use, and a couple airlines decided to get creative with all that extra space. Specifically: Emirates and Etihad launched versions where there are shower suites in the front of the plane, just in front of first class. Before you start thinking of cramped, lavatory style spaces, we offer you this…

Attainable? Yes…

It’s worth noting that you can do either of these things via points, and in some cases, a lot fewer than you’d think. We’re not talking hundreds of thousands of points, or even 100,000 at all. You too could shower in the skies, while also enjoying private first class suites for as few as 40,000 points. Here are a couple ideas to get you started, and to be super clear – make sure your flight is on an A380 with Emirates or Etihad to lock in the magic shower. Oh, and both planes have bars on board too.

40,000 Points for Etihad First Class Apartment between Europe and Abu Dhabi. 

65,000 Points For Emirates First Class between Milan and New York. 

The Coolest Thing

On a long journey, there’s simply nothing more enjoyable than a spacious shower with great water pressure, high end cosmetics and a glass of ridiculously expensive vintage champagne waiting in your private suite, upon return. If you’ve traveled long haul, you know how disgusting an airplane can feel, even in business class – and in real life, washing it all away is more enjoyable than you’d ever imagine. As far as bucket list travel experiences go, this is a must.

Have you ever showered on a plane?

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