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The biggest isn’t always the best – but when it comes to Google, that phrase is put to the test. Google Flights has long been a go to favorite for flight booking. GoogleTrips is a great new way to seamlessly organize travels. Google Maps – well, you know how good that one is already. But Google just added a new suite of updates to it’s travel products – and there are some fantastic features.

a white cell phone with a screen showing flight informationFlight Insights

Much like FOMO, people are terrified of overpaying. Machine learning has helped Google crunch countless flight data, to offer price suggestions. The mobile booking platform will let users know if prices are “lower than normal” or likely “won’t drop any further”. It’s not 100% accurate, but it’s pretty darn close.

a white cell phone with a search engineHotel Price Alerts

Through the Google mobile site – users can now get insights into hotel booking. The site will let users know if hotels are particularly busy, due to something like a boring conference being in town. With the touch of a button, users can also now set price alerts, tracking hotel prices the way they presently track flights. Not only will any changes be sent directly to your inbox, the app will again note whether rates are higher or lower than average, via machine learning.

a screenshot of a cell phoneSpecial Discounts

Google Trips is a great “new” way to organize all your travels in one place. From flights, to hotels, Airbnb’s and rental cars, it creates a seamless folder of receipts, itineraries and more. But now, users can receive special discounts. Taking advantage of their broad user base, the app can now directly push special deals to travelers, offering exclusive discounts for tours, activities and other entertainment in the places they’re headed to, or presently in. Enjoy your travels!

Will you use these cool new features?

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  1. Love the changes to Google Hotels. Perfectly complements Waylo, the first hotel price prediction app. You can book hotels today at their predicted lowest rates in the future.

  2. How are any other sites (like Orbitz, Priceline, etc.) going to stay in business? I know some people still go there but those are the ones who buy one flight a year and don’t know any better because they saw a commercial.
    Anything Google does, it does better than everyone else. This is a great development.
    Love it GSTP!

    1. I agree. They just outthink people and generally in an ethical way. No hidden sales ploys. I love the Google Travel suite of product.

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