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1500 tier points for about £1500, anyone?

If you’re in the market for British Airways Executive Club Tier Points, the system for moving up the ranks from blue to Bronze, Silver or Gold, there’s a great opportunity out there. All British Airways flyers can earn tier points when flying on OneWorld airline partners, and if you have any travel plans to Asia in the next year, one such partner is offering the cheapest route to major tier points.

a row of seats in an airplaneLess Than £1 Per Tier Point

Math wizards love to put an exact figure on how much they pay for each tier point. While that seems like a waste of brain cells to me, it can be a great way of assessing the value you’re getting for your purchases. Malaysian Airlines flies some fantastic Airbus A330 and A350 aircraft, even on medium to short haul flights, and in their current Southeast Asia and India Sale, you can find flight deals under £350 round trip, which can yield just as many, if not more tier points.

a city with many buildings and a city skylineBest Deals In The Sale

These deals are available from India and from Southeast Asian cities like Bangkok. Malaysia’s hub is Kuala Lumpur, and all flights will route through there, much like British Airways flights through London. The benefit? Extra tier points. The standout deals of the sale include…

Bangkok to Shanghai, round trip for £378 or $507. These flights would earn 40 tier points on each Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur leg, and 140 on each Kuala Lumpur to Shanghai leg, for a round trip total of 360 tier points.

Bangkok to Beijing is your next best deal, with the same amount of tier points – and fully flat beds.

Mumbai or Delhi to Bangkok or Singapore via Kuala Lumpur is also a viable option, just £60 more. If time is limited, Delhi to Shanghai via Kuala Lumpur would earn 560 tier points for £890.

British Airways four required segments aside, five of these round trips would secure Gold status for a year. Just two would secure Silver. Be sure to seek out Airbus A330 or A350 aircraft, which will featured direct aisle access flat beds! Each route has them on the long haul, on at least one flight per day.

a bar with many bottles and glasses from the ceilingAll The Fine Print

These deals MUST be booked by June 24th, but you can travel through May of 2019. If you have any plans to visit Southeast Asia, a side trip to one of these awesome destinations to lock in a massive amount of tier points couldn’t be a better excuse to explore! A year of lounge access, extra points and the occasional upgrade is too much to pass up! You can check out the Malaysian sale directly here, and calculate tier points here.

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  1. Why would anyone want status with the 40th AND FALLING airline in the world? More sensible invest in points / status with an airline that offers a modicum of respect for their customers and doesn’t try to rip them off at every opportunity with additional charges and ‘taxes’. BA remains Best Avoided in 2018 and until they return to a more reasonable approach to their customers esp. When things go wrong

  2. Many reasons. For example lounge access in the US when you fly domestic. Already covered by this blog BTW 🙄

  3. One reason for an American to become a BA point card holder; is because, it will get you into America’s Oneworld lounges at Silver level. This includes their points earned on American Airlines. As you know, first class tickets don’t gain you access to lounges in north, central & 1/2 of South America, also the Caribbean. But if you create an BA account & transfer all point via them. At silver: bingo. Club access. Also at 35K earned- even expired, you get lifetime access. So that or Am Ex platinum is best way to access lounges!

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