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From stocking stuffers to budget pushers…

The holiday season is officially upon us. And undoubtedly you’re here, having clicked on this article because you know a picky traveller who thinks they already have everything they need in the world for their favourite hobby. No matter whether they’re a frequent flyer, points and miles junky or just a holiday for pleasure type, there’ll be something handy on this list for everyone, at every budget.

a multi colored plugsFlight 001 Universal 5-in-1 Travel Adapter + USB Charger

To travel virtually anywhere in the world and know that you’ll be able to power up your devices is a huge comfort. This cool looking, compact adaptor has you covered, plus the USB ports make things even easier.

Price: $35 Link: Flight 001 Adapter

a black device with a plug inRHA Audio Bluetooth Flight Adapter

The perfect little gadget you never knew you needed. This tiny adapter plugs into your airplane seat and allows you to connect your wireless headphones. Game changer. No more rolling over and the lead coming out or using the mediocre airlines headphones. Find out what else it’s useful for.

Price: £39.95/$49.95 Link Uk: RHA Bluetooth Adapter Link US: RHA Bluetooth Adapter

a group of luggage on sandAway Travel Carry On Luggage

When style meets practicality you know you’re onto a winner. These Carry On cases come in a range of fun colours with removable batteries so you can charge on the go and have an impressive amount of packing space. They’re durable and compliant with all international laws and airlines. Anyone would be happy with one of these this holiday season, and if you’re feeling extra generous you can buy the whole set.

Price: $225 Link: Away Carry On

a row of black socksCopper Woven Long Haul Compression Socks

Anti bacterial, anti DVT and everything else you need for a long flight. Copper compression socks can make a huge difference in swelling and health issues on long flights and these are the very best. On flights over 5 hours, you’ll notice a huge difference. For any long haul flyer these are a must have holiday gift and at the price, you really can’t argue.

Price: From £15.99 Link: Copper Compression Flight Socks

a group of clear bags with makeup brushes and a flowerANRUI TSA Approved Clear Toiletry Bag

“Liquids must be placed in a clear plastic bag and removed from your luggage”. If you’ve traveled, you’ve definitely heard this one before. The ANRUI clear toiletry sets are the perfect way to keep all your liquids, gels, and magic beauty secrets in one place and ready for inspection. At £6 and up, they’re an amazingly useful stocking stuffer.

Price: From £6 Link: ANRUI Toiletry Bags

a close up of a colorful objectT2 Stainless Steel Flask

You may not think of a tea mug as life changing, but you probably haven’t experienced T2 or the joys of a water bottle you can fill up airside. The double enforced stainless steel flask can keep a beverage icy cold or piping hot for hours. In fact, you won’t want to put the lid on until your beverage nears your preferred drinking temperature! This is the perfect way to stay hydrated or caffeinated while in transit. Bring it through airport security empty and fill up while reducing your footprint. You’ll never approach hot or cold beverages the same…

Price: From £28 Link: T2 Flask

a black backpack on top of a tan suitcaseAway Daypack/Tote Bags

If you hadn’t guessed it already, we’re huge fans of Away. These handy day bags are the perfect match for your Carry On. You’ll never have to worry about balancing it on the top of your case again, as a strap slides over your Carry On handle meaning you can roll both bags with ease in one hand and no back ache. Whether you’re a backpack or tote kinda person, both are very stylish, come in beautiful colours and are full of useful pockets for all your essential travel items.

Price: From £145 Link: Away Daypack/Tote Bags

a pair of black and silver earbudsRHA Wireless Headphones

Let’s be honest, you can’t travel these days without a quality pair of headphones. Being able to zone out what’s going on around you is essential to travel happiness. These RHA wireless headphones and earbuds all come with excellent sound quality and a sleek, compact style. We’re still fans of the Bose QC35’s noise cancelling headphones, but when you’re looking to pack light and sleep on your side, these are hard to beat.

Price: From £99.95 Link: RHA Wireless Headphones

TripIt Pro Travel Organization App

Ask just about any travel crazy road warrior, and they’ll say they can’t live without TripIt Pro. The app automatically syncs all reservations and provides intuitive and up to the minute info like gate changes, where the rental car counter is and just about everything else. It even tells you if airlines owe you money for a flight delay. You’ll get everything from real time alerts to dinner directions. It’s a game changer and a great gift…

Price: $49 Link: TripIt Pro

a bottle of liquid next to a boxNIOD Hydration Vaccine

We all know what a dehydrating experience flying can be; that recirculated plane air just does nothing for the skin, managing to suck all the moisture out and making you look more tired than you already are. Fortunately, this moisturising product, perfectly named the Hydration Vaccine, seals in the skins moisture and protects against the loss of hydration, making it ideal for flying as well as everyday use. Once you try it you’ll never go back.

Price: £26.95 (currently on sale) Link: NIOD Hydration Vaccine

Any good travel gift ideas we’re missing? Drop them in the comments!

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