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Beautiful view of Bahamas islands from above

Oh, the Bahamas. So lovely, so inviting and also, so manageable. There’s nothing quite like a coconut or key lime pie in the Abaco Islands, or some conch fritters on the deck of a nice “dive” bar.

If any, or all, of the above sound good to you, the Bahamas is making it easier than ever for vaccinated travelers to visit, with new rules coming in from May 1st.

Bahamas Cuts Testing Requirement For Vaccinated

Hotels have gone to great lengths to create on property testing centers, and travel testing isn’t nearly as difficult or stressful as it was just months ago, but it’s still ‘extra’.

When faced with a decision between a destination where no testing is required, and another where testing will be needed on either, or both ends of the journey, people are choosing the easier option, for better and worse.

To win a share of the current travel rebound, the Bahamas will allow fully vaccinated travelers with at least two weeks since their final dose, to skip out on covid-19 testing requirements from May 1st, 2021 onward.

Travelers must simply obtain a QR code from the new Bahamas Travel Health Visa, and bring along proof of vaccination, such as a CDC card.

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All travelers returning to the USA must submit a covid-19 test prior to return, but these can be rapid tests or PCR, and are relatively easy to take, even from home, provided all guidelines are followed.

The Bahamas is also open to unvaccinated travelers who are happy to provide a RT-PCR test with a negative result no more than 5 days before travel. Children under 11 are exempt. Travelers are not required to quarantine on arrival, but anyone staying longer than 5 days must take an easy rapid test on the 5th day to confirm “all clear”.

A Great Travel Option Just Got Easier

A mega resort isn’t for everyone right now, but that’s the beauty of the Bahamas. There are so many quaint cottages for rent, boutique hotels on beaches and even private sailing vessels to whisk visitors around in total privacy.

If you’ve been dreaming of a getaway to these lovely islands, being vaccinated now carries the perk of avoiding any pre-travel testing requirements, which can add time, effort and expense. From May 1st, the Bahamas should definitely on the radar.

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  1. Traveling to Exuma, Bahamas May 3rd. Under their new travel restrictions, those that are vaccinated (+ 2 wks) no longer have to show a negative Covid Test. How to you get a QR code from the new Bahamas Travel Health Visa, When you go to that website they are still asking for the test to be downloaded. Would you download your CDC Vaccine card?

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