At the best of times, airport lounges are better than being home. Where else can you kick back in a comfortable sofa, have someone whip up some cocktails cocktails, hit an expansive buffet of food, hook up the Netflix and prepare a nice shower spa to sweat out the toxins before your next flight? One of the best “hacks” in travel is getting into airport lounges, even when flying economy, even without having any “status” or flashy elite cards using great apps and services. Needless to say, if you hop into one of these, you’ll be thrilled. Trust us…

a room with chairs and tables

Air China First Class Lounge – Beijing Airport

Terminal: 3E

Why It’s On The List: This is a first class lounge. Generally, these aren’t even available to people flying business class, let alone any class. You’ll find actual cocktails, extensive wine and beer options, Western and traditional Chinese food, showers and all the other things you could possibly fancy at an airport. It’s nice. Really nice.

a room with a round table and chairs

SkyTeam Alliance Lounge – London Heathrow Airport

Terminal: 4

Why It’s On The List: This lounge is clean, spacious, spread out and even spread across two levels! There’s a bountiful food buffet serving everything from tea sandwiches to pasta and curry, a very curated selection of wine, champagne and of course, booze. Let’s not leave out a few of the special amenities either, like showers, dining areas and very cozy chairs. There’s even a spa where you can pay a bit extra for a massage. It’s a personal favorite.

a room with beds and curtains

Airport Wellness Oasis Lounge – Singapore Changi Airport

Terminal: 1

Why It’s On The List: This lounge is like an actual spa. There’s a foot bath, where the weird fish cure you of your sins, there’s sleep rooms, where you can actually get some shut eye on a proper bed as well as a full service spa. For those just hoping to booze and food it up, there’s a bountiful display of cocktails (yes, Singapore Slings too) and one of the most extensive buffets you’ll find in any airport lounge. Better than eating on the plane!

a room with couches and chairs

Almost@Home Lounge – Helsinki Airport

Terminal: 3E

Why It’s On The List: Traveling doesn’t always feel like home, but in Helsinki Airport, it’s pretty damn close! This space is designed like a posh loft, with a functioning kitchen where you can actually cook (if the lounge offerings don’t appease you). Seriously, you can make yourself something from the kitchen pantry. Aside from culinary delights, you’ll find a help yourself wine and spirits bar, plenty of taps, and that’s all before you get to the comfy house style seating areas. Home at last, if just for a couple hours.

a room with chairs and a fireplace

Oman Air First + Business Lounge – Bangkok Airport

Terminal: 3E

Why It’s On The List: Vibe is something that most airport lounges are missing, but at the Oman Air Lounge in Bangkok, you’ll find plenty of refinement, mainly in the form of large fish tanks found throughout the lounge. In true first and business class style, there’s no shortage of food and beverage offerings, with a full on buffet. If you need to freshen up, there are very soothing shower rooms, free of charge. Travel is better when you feel fresh.

a sign on a wall

Ok, Now How Can I Get In? I Really Can Even Flying Economy?!

You really can. The single best thing any passenger can do to improve their flying experience, assuming they can’t upgrade to first or business class, is to use an airport lounge. Lounges transform the waiting experience and thanks to really cool apps like LoungeBuddy and Priority Pass, you can simply pay a one time access fee, or join a very reasonable annual membership and not have to pay each time. All the details you could possibly need are RIGHT HERE. 

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