Hawaii, it’s gorgeous, it’s probably on your list and unfortunately for you, it’s also probably on everyone you knows list as well. Same for Thailand, Los Angeles, Greece, New York, you know, all the cities and countries your friends regularly talk about wanting to visit. Of course, there’s a reason that everyone seeks these wonders. There’s just so much more out there. In an effort to find better availability for your miles, cheaper flights and peace on earth, here’s some visual inspiration to get the travel bug going… to the destinations less traveled.

a road leading to a valley

Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

Everyone goes to Thailand, but just a few hours drive away from Halong Bay in Vietnam, you can check out the incredible natural inland beauty without any of the crowds…

a boat on the water with Milford Sound in the background

Milford Sound, New Zealand

You can be the lord of your vacation, taking the quick flight from Auckland to Milford Sound for untapped greenery, snow capped mountains and mirror like water.

a green hills with trees and blue sky

Munnar, India

Tea time anyone? Munnar, a regional flight into Cochin away, features pristine, lushly green rolling hills with unprecedented views. It’s also home to the highest elevation tea plantation.

a lake with mountains and blue sky

Patagonia, Argentina + Chile

The mountains so nice, they made it into a country twice. Patagonia is a very cheap and accessible flight away from Santiago and Buenos Aires, boasting altitude, wine and beauty.

a landscape of a city with trees and mountains

Bagan, Myanmar

Ancient temples, movie like mist, gorgeous trees and vast history. You’ll find authentic, rich culture without half the tourists. Just a short flight from Yangon. It’s untouched.

a body of water surrounded by mountains

Lake Louise, Canada

It’s not a rendering of a lake, it’s a real glacial blue lake set amongst rugged hills and dramatic terrain. Adventure, leisure, whatever, just open your eyes and enjoy.

a large rocky cliffs and a beach

Kauai, Hawaii, USA

We’re on the same page, Kauai isn’t exactly under the radar, but as a slightly less frequented Hawaiian Island, which also happens to be arguably the most beautiful, it deserves a spot…

a sun shining through a rock arch

Moab, Utah, USA

1,000 shades or red. Canyonlands Park in Utah offers a setting with far more resemblance to Mars than most other tourist destinations. It’s going to be cheaper than NY too. Life on Mars.

a cliff with grass and water

Cliffs Of Moher, Ireland

Just a mere 50 minute drive from Shannon Airport, you’ll find epic rock cliffs, plush greens and endless sea views. If you’re a golfer, there are likely some fairways not far off too…

a body of water with a group of people standing on it

Pamukkale, Turkey

Hot springs, warm sunsets and blue tones generally reserved for abstract painters. If hot tubs are your thing, this is your place. Just a short flight on Turkish Airlines from Istanbul…

an airplane wing above clouds

When I travel I crave natural beauty. I grew up in cities, I love cities and I live in them. If I’m going to fly around the world I want to see things that we couldn’t even fathom building, and that are literally unforgettable. If you’ve been lacking inspiration, or the road less traveled, get a search going in one of these directions….

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