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A day later, details remain scarce- but yesterday Frankfurt airport sustained a strange attack, believed to be tear gas. The attack occurred Monday, September 11th during the morning rush in Frankfurt International Airport’s Terminal 1, closing the terminal for a duration of time.

a city with a bridge over a body of waterSix people sustained respiratory injuries during the attack which thus far has entirely puzzled German authorities. No suspects have been arrested at this point. Police have yet to confirm what the exact chemical was- though it’s widely believed to be tear gas. It seems hardly coincidental that the incident occurred on September 11th, a mere 16 years on from the horrific attacks in New York, Washington D.C. and in the air.

a group of people in a terminalIf tear gas holds true, it would be a favorable outcome- given the deeply troubling alternatives. Is it safe to travel in Germany? On the whole, yes. This attack is being investigated, and as I fly out of Europe today- there’s a notable increase in security screening procedures. Germany has been continuously hampered by ISIS, with multiple deplorable attacks throughout the year. Having flown out of the airport myself just a month ago- I found security to be of the highest standard, and never felt at all threatened during my stay in Frankfurt.

a man and woman in uniform holding gunsThough we each have our own opinions, I for one will continue to travel freely and happily throughout Europe without additional worry. It’s the only way to live. Anything less would mean that terrorists are succeeding in their goal of undermining our society. Be alert, be aware and keep traveling.

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  1. I’ll continue to fly around Europe feeling far safer than if I were in the USA. Even if you include terrorist activities, it’s waaaay safer…

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