I’m of the philosophy that you should never complain about any flat bed business class product. Remember, there are many in coach behind you who would love to kick your ass if you do. The philosophy takes on heightened truth when you can do it for the same price or less than coach, around $200 round trip, on a plane far superior to what the competition is offering. TAM, the Brazilian airline who predominantly flies between the US and Brazil, is allowed one extra route known as “fifth freedom” for which they’ve chosen to fly the roughly one hour route between New York and Toronto. There’s simply no better way to get there. 

Also, note the new teaser video we will now include with each review. Thoughts?

Check In + Lounge

a sign in front of a screen

For the detail oriented folks out there, this was indeed the gate sign, but I forgot to take a picture of the business class check in. It read the same and hopefully you get the gist! 

a glass door with a sign on it

Outbound from JFK, TAM arranged for Admirals Club lounge access. For coffee, muffins and a morning bagel it’s perfectly sufficient. 

a table with fruit and chairs in front of a wall with pictures

I believe it’s even going through an overhaul renovation. It’s wonderful to be out from the crowds, but these spaces are generally incredibly dated.

a room with chairs and a table

Yeah, no crowds here, especially not in the morning!

a large white and red airplane at an airport

And we even had a beautiful view from the club of our awaiting TAM 767-300. It’s amazing to fly a large beautiful wide body jet with flat beds when no other competing airline uses anything larger than a small regional jet with reclining seats on this route. 

The Seat

the inside of an airplane with seats

Ok, so it’s a bit underwhelming at first but I swear it looks better from the other side.

a plane with seats and windows

See? Flat beds, large retrofitted screens and a perfectly nice cabin.

a seat in an airplane

And there is some genuinely fantastic leg room. Nice photo eh? 

a woman standing in an airplane

I like this photo because you get a sense of the television size. My only complaint? The fact that TAM paid to license Jurassic World. What a sh*t film.

a seat in an airplane

The seats do indeed stretch into a fully flat bed. Of course I prefer not to step over someone, but for an hour flight and a seat partner that’s my wife it’s no issue. If you’re traveling alone you’ll want to skip the view for a seat in the middle row offering direct aisle access to both travelers. 

a pair of feet in a plane

I wasn’t kidding about the leg room. I’m 6’3 and doing my best. 

Food + Drink

glasses on a tray with a screen on the side of the board

Ah yes, again, the more detailed of you may have noticed a different color interior here. This photo was from the return flight to New York featuring a different color scheme interior. It also just happens to be when I felt like drinking champagne and remembering to take a photo of the process!

a plate of food and a glass of wine

The ham and cheese croissant with pesto was a simple welcome mid day snack.

The Experience

an airplane wing and wing of an airplane

I can unequivocally say that short of having your own private jet there is no better way to travel between New York and Toronto. TAM offers these flights often far under competing prices and on most occasions you can grab economy for roughly $180 round trip and business, featured above, for around $206. Considering the lounges, flat bed, services, champagne and priority check in, plus expedited security, it’s impossible not to see the value. 

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