The Swiss are absolutely legendary for design. Chocolate, watches, schemes for hiding wealth, they are masters of engineering and efficiency. When Boeing delivered Swiss Airlines new 777’s, the process of turning an empty metal tube into a brand new flying experience began and it’s a lot more intensive than one would think. Everything counts from the lights, seats, fabrics, electronics. Fortunately the job was handled with Swiss precision…


a table with headphones on it

Elbow room anyone? For the solo traveler, Swiss’ new business class design features select seats with no neighbor, direct aisle access and enough elbow room for the world’s largest athletes, let alone the average traveler. 

a bed in a plane

Naturally, these seats convert to a fully flat bed, which happens to be among the longest on offer in business class. You’ll find a two meter, or 6’7” long bed and in this photo, you’ll again see one of the solo traveller seats, offering unparalleled privacy. More like First class to me!

a seat in an airplane

With Swiss efficiency, the airline managed to account for those traveling together and have plenty of seats side by side in both the middle and window of the plane. Not so sure about the beautiful wooden thing that hides you from your traveling partner but it works for me!


a table with food on it

If you think you’ve seen this one already, you’re not far off. Swiss and Lufthansa are greatly integrating their product offerings, and Swiss’ new First class is very representative of Lufthansa’s offering. The new screens look very large and very sharp!

a room with white cabinets and screens

And here they are again! Nice. These seats appear to me on par with many of the top level offerings from Qatar, Lufthansa and Qantas. It’s no apartment, but it’s more than I could ever dream of needing on a plane! Nice to have both two in the middle for those together and singles with window access for… singles?

a seat in a cabin

In my opinion, and perhaps in theirs too, you could easily replace the Swiss logo at the back of the cabin with Lufthansa. I’m not complaining, they are two of the best in the business and the colors and soft schemes of the cabin inspire tranquility and professionalism. I’m sure it’s ok to have a mini party too…

a bed in a room

My only negative thought is that the new business seats, especially those with no neighbor and two elbow areas almost cannibalize these first suites. I love that it’s enclosed, but the space in the business suite seems comparable! Just saying…


If you want more, buy a jet or a sock to shut yourself up. These seats provide everything that a traveler could possibly need, with options for the solo traveler, those traveling together, and an extra sensory experience for those lucky enough to sit in the first class cabin. You’ll find these seats on a flight near you in 2016 after February with daily flights between New York, Zurich, Los Angeles and Hong Kong. It’s so exciting to live in a time when this is among the best business and first class in the world, but not a sure fire winner. How good will it get?

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