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From in app mobile booking discounts to hidden fares, the way we book travel is changing – and fast. The recurring theme: adaptation. Airlines are becoming more adept at seeing which flights have last minute space,and launching flash offers to ensure that all flights go out full. In the latest twist on the future of flight booking, Lufthansa and Swiss are launching “Any Way” flight passes, with incredible deals for destinations around the world, even just one way. The only catch? You won’t know what flight you’re on when you book…

a plane flying over snowy mountainsMystery Deals

Think of Priceline’s famous mystery deals. You know you’re getting a five star hotel, you know roughly where it is, definitely when it is, but don’t know precisely which hotel it is. Lufthansa and Swiss are employing the same tactic with their new AnyWay Travel Passes. You pick a destination, you pay a set price, for set dates – but you have no clue which flight you’re on, until two days before departure.

a city skyline with many lights£149 To See The World

The cool thing about this pass is that it can work one way, round trip, or numerous times, to numerous destinations, with fixed costs. For example, you can jet off from London to Hong Kong for €199 one way, or double for a return. The pass is broken up into four destination price bands, and although the offer states GBP, it’s currently pricing out in Euros when you go to purchase. You can book as many as you wish, locking in great rates for all available dates.

 Tel Aviv, Cairo: GBP 139
 Delhi, Mumbai, Dubai: GBP 149
 Bangkok, Nairobi, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Hong Kong: GBP 199
 Cape Town, Johannesburg, Sao Paulo: GBP 249

Sales Period: 01st August 2018 – 31st August 2018

Travel Period: 28th October 2018 – 31st March 2019

Not Valid: 15th December 2018 – 03rd January 2018 and 14th February – 25th February.

a white airplane in the skyWhy This Is Awesome

This is a very bold new model, which could easily win tons of fans. And that’s not just because you receive one 23kg checked bag in addition to a carry on bag, using these fares. As travelers seek to combine rewards points, great deals and fixed prices, these deals which can cover one way or round trip travel, at truly enticing rates, on guaranteed quality airlines such as Austrian, Swiss or Lufthansa are exceptionally good. It’s important to note you’ll always transit for your long haul flight via Germany, Switzerland or Austria, so be sure you’re eligible.

What do you make of this innovative new way to fly?

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  1. Well let’s see, you get to know your flight at least 2 days before departure. It takes 3 days minimum to get a Chinese visa from the UK….

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