Ski chalets are famous for a few things, mainly: freezing cold people, tragic ski outfits, warm cocoa and lovely fires. In Switzerland, you can add fondue to the list. Fondue is the extremely addictive tradition of dipping delicious treats (or just bread) into melted swiss cheese, creating the perfect warming bite. Swiss Air is moving toward a buy on board concept for many flights out of Geneva, and it’s definitively Swiss…


Swiss offers a buy on board concept in economy for short and medium haul flights out of Geneva but not Zurich, at least for now. Titled “Swiss Saveurs” the menu has been on offer for six months with a variety of snack and meal options available for purchase. In only the most iconic of Swiss fashion, the airline is adding a notable menu item for the winter edition: fondue.


“Real” fondue is made using a strict cheese recipe comprised of 50% Gruyere, and 50% Vacherin Fribourg. The new selection will be accompanied with dipping bread and is said to pair extremely well with the charcuterie board. Here’s a copy of the new Swiss Saveurs in-flight menu. At 17 Swiss Francs, (about $17 USD) the fondue ain’t cheap, but it should be fun. It’s certainly not the cheapest buy on board option, but it should absolutely pass time better than a 4 Franc sandwich. A 15 franc charcuterie board is also on offer to accompany the cheese. Naturally, there’s white wine, red wine, beer and champagne on offer to wash it down as well.


This is a brilliant move which gives passengers a reason to pay up for a great meal, even if just for the novelty of enjoying proper fondue on a plane. If melted cheese isn’t quite your thing, perhaps melted chocolate is. According to the media release, the new menu also features an authentic hot chocolate, made with real Swiss chocolate. Buy on board is a polarizing issue, seen by some simply as a way to extract extra money out of passengers, while others see it as a chance to offer proper food, and or make lower fares more possible. If there’s fondue, I’ll pay.

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