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It’s no secret that flying business class is far more fun than flying economy. The secret most people just fail to pick up on, is that sometimes, in limited time sales, they’re almost the same price. There are two hot deals out at the moment not to be missed, getting you over 20 hours of business class (think about your legs) for just ~£1020…

a road with a city in the backgroundThe Deals To South Africa

Ethiopian are one of the most underrated airlines for business class, offering fully flat beds and phenomenal service. They have ultra cheap business deals out of a few European cities, including Stockholm, Brussels, Vienna and Dublin to Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa. The very best prices are currently in Stockholm, coming in at just £1020 round trip, or roughly 1,165 Euros.

Dates You Can Jet Off: These deals are widely available from November 2017 thru September 2018, giving you a massive date range to book. At this price it can absolutely be worth using miles or a cheap flight to position to one of these departing cities.

Booking Link: Here are example dates from Stockholm, Brussels, Dublin and Vienna.

a city with many buildings and a city skylineThe Deals To Thailand

Surprise, surprise- Qatar have some fantastic deals out of Europe coming in at roughly £1010 round trip! If you’d like to enjoy the world’s best business class, and experience their polished service you can depart a few European cities with fantastic prices from Oslo, Stockholm to Bangkok, aboard the A380 or to Chiang Mai. These deals are only around for another day, though something good will likely come back at some point. The best deals are from Oslo to Chiang Mai and Stockholm to Bangkok. Similar good deals can be found from German cities. Enjoy!

Dates You Can Jet Off: The best prices are available from January 8th 2018 to June 15th 2018. Not every date will be available, but fortunately Qatar’s website shows seven days of prices for your departure and return, making it easy to find the deals.

Booking Link: Head to the Qatar Airways site to plug in these great deals.

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  1. Oh, I was having a case of the Monday’s until you showed up. The world is a much happier place now, thanks to your useless contributions.

    1) Do you know Bangkok won’t have Q Suite in Q2 of 2018- no you do not.

    2) were you tortured by a photographer at some point in life? I do wonder, because it’s all you talk about. Would you prefer blurry, grainy- noise filled photos out of an iphone 6?

    3) I can assure you, however much satisfaction you have trolling my blog- I have more knowing that you’re f**cking useless contributions put money and stats in my pocket.

    Truly, the pleasure is all mine.

    1. If HFP had it covered we wouldn’t have more people reading our blog than his this month. Somehow,we’ve come out of nowhere and are on a rocket-esque curve in a upward trend. We rarely cover the same things that any of the three mentioned blogs do in the same day and the people are speaking for themselves. 2 out of 3 are great blogs and will continue to grow too. You on the other hand, have clearly had your growth stunted. You’re still too much of a coward to use a real email address where I can get in touch to arrange our in person meeting.

  2. These are really good fares, and I appreciate you posting them as I’m looking at a trip to SA this winter. However, that’s not a photo of the Ethiopian business cabin. The service gets decent reviews, but the ex-ARN and BRU routes feature an older style, angle-flat seat. Maybe a link like “Check out their Business Product” here would eliminate any confusion.

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