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Days are getting shorter, nights are getting longer and worst of all- the temperatures are dropping around much of America. But not in Los Angeles- it’s always gorgeous in Los Angeles. The land of Hollywood, sandy beaches, night life and luxury is on super seal, so if you’ve got $100 bucks, you’re going to LA. Oh, it’s a sunny deal alert alright, and if you want deals that are NOT basic economy, most of these aren’t and they start at $88 bucks, so the experience won’t suck.

a large white sign on a hill with Hollywood Sign in the backgroundThe Great Deals To Los Angeles

West Coast, Easy Coast, it doesn’t matter what coast. There are awesome deals to get to California, almost all under $200 round trip, with many smashing deals under $100 round trip. That’s just crazy. And yes, at these prices, driving would literally cost more. You can depart, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Las Vegas, San Francisco and many more round trip. If you happen to have a credit card from American or United, you can get these deals even cheaper, since your credit card benefits override their basic economy nonsense! But fear not, almost all these prices are for regular economy fares, which entitle you to a carry on and all the usual experience.

a sunset over a cityThe Dates You Can Jet Off

Most of these deals are widely available from January thru March 2018. For some cities there will be more dates in other months available, so we suggest using these Google Flights tricks to play around and find dates at the best prices, that work for you.

a sunset over a beachHow To Book These Amazing Deals…

How often is it that you can fly round trip to a great destination for less than the cost of a big night out? We’ve made easy to use links with the best prices, all round trip. Here’s: $54 from Denver (basic economy) and plenty of NOT basic economy deals like: $88 from Las Vegas, $93 from Denver$97 from San Francisco$107 from Portland$119 from Seattle, $128 from Salt Lake City, $129 from Dallas$147 from Chicago$157 from Phoenix, $162 from Orlando, $217 from Washington DC$231 from Atlanta$241 from New York City, $242 from Cincinnati and $244 from Boston. Simply play around with dates using the links provided and follow Google’s instructions to book. Once you get to Los Angeles, here’s a perfect itinerary to maximize your time.

You Going, Going- Back-Back to Cali, Cali?

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