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When people ask about the best tips for booking summer travel, we usually say “don’t go”. It’s not very helpful, but with prices 2-10x higher than fares you’d find in other seasons, it’s really hard to justify. Today however, we have a far better tip, thanks to our friends Flystein, who shared a deal no one else has managed to find. Want to fly round trip to Europe on top airlines like Air France Delta or partners for under $425? You’re in luck. Hint: Air France serves Champagne in economy.

a canal with many white swans and cars in the middleThe Deals

For hundreds less than even Norwegian are charging, you can jet off to Amsterdam, Paris or Prague in peak summer, on top airlines. These sales don’t show up on Google Flights or many booking sites, but Flystein found them and was kind enough to share them with us. You can jet off from New York, Washington DC or San Francisco, giving you options on both coasts. If you’re not in one of these cities, it can easily be worth using some points or cheap flights to position to one of these cities to take advantage, since the savings will still likely be hundreds less.

The Dates

These deals are available in peak summer, primarily in mid August. If you’ve been looking for a way to visit Europe during this tricky season, this is as good as you’ll do. And lucky for you, we’ve got links taking you directly to the best deals so you can book while they last!

How To Book

These deals will not last long, especially since they weren’t even publicly filed! The very best deals can be found on Kayak, so click the links and see if you can find dates that work with you. But word of warning: be patient. The best prices come up at the very end. Here’s: $402 New York to Prague on Delta or Air France, $412 Washington DC to Amsterdam, $460 San Francisco to Paris. Enjoy! And remember, you always have 24 hours to cancel for a full refund, if you decide you can’t make these work. Get in before it’s too late!

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