Animal lovers close your eyes. You can literally legally kill a deer at Pittsburgh airport in the United States. For those with more buddhist sensibilities, you can also flock with the butterflies in a beautiful butterfly stroll garden in Singapore Changi Airport. Oh yeah, that’s just the tip of the iceberg in some of the insanely strange sh*t you can do in airports, which serves as a perfect lead in to… again, you guessed it, a post featuring the strangest things you can do in airports. Even more surprisingly, all of the below are available to all passengers, not just eccentric, posh first class flying warlords… 

a man surfing in a pool


In Munich?! Who comes up with this stuff! Sure I could picture a big wave setup at Honolulu International or something, but Munich? Nothing says surfing like Germany and to be sure you associate the two words together, you can get on your wet suit and take a challenge on one of their infinite wave pools, right in the terminal. It’s even free! 

a golf course with sand bunkers and water


It’s no secret that Asia is a huge emerging market for golf. Because who could possibly fly without first getting in a round of golf, Hong Kong airport partnered with a top course designer to get its own course. Why not grab three buddies, get pissed up at a lounge and get out there for a round of eighteen before the flight. I might play just for the plane views! 

a group of people in a greenhouse

Nature + Zen

Want to take a dip, or just watch sharks swim around? You’ll have to pick between Dubai and Singapore, which offer a full pool or Vancouver offering two full scale aquatic displays. For those who don’t want to get onto a plane feeling like a wet noodle (who would?) there are more “zen” like options including a butterfly garden in Singapore, an actual “zen” garden in Dubai and a jungle walkway in Kuala Lumpur

a building with neon lights


As if finding something good on the plane isn’t hard enough! If you ever find yourself with hours to burn in Prague, Seoul or Singapore, be sure to watch the only movie you couldn’t have possibly watched on the plane in one of their IMAX quality movie theatre’s. Nothing says forget about your connection like falling asleep in Lord Of The Rings… 

a group of people skating on an ice rink

Ice Skate

Because flying makes me think about how much I’d love to practice my triple loop, Seoul’s Incheon Airport features a full ice skating rink. This is way up there in the novelty strange things to do at an airport scheme, but actually a pretty great one. Whether you skate or not, it’s fun to watch (people fall). 

a sign with a bird and a sword


What in the flying f**k. Indeed, I am regretfully serious in saying that you can purchase a hunting permit at Pittsburgh airport, allowing you to patrol their 906 acre hunting grounds surrounding the airport with a bow and arrow in pursuit of deer. Be sure not to arrow an arriving plane! If you plan on hunting an innocent animal before your flight please identify yourself by smearing its blood all over you before flight so that I can find a seat as far away as possible. 

a group of people walking in front of a large screen with a sign

Here’s an expert frequent flyer tip: if you’re going to get stuck in an airport, make sure it’s in Malaysia, South Korea or Dubai, unless of course surfing in Munich is your thing. I am truly amazed by the sheer novelty and intrigue that these very, very, very strange activities bring to the airport. Have you done any of the above? 

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