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Business class transforms travel. Goodbye shared armrests, aching knees and quote un quote “meals”. Hello, flat beds, champagne and priority treatment at every turn from curbside to passport stamp.

Business class is more luxurious than ever and thanks to a really shrewd move with Star Alliance airline Aegean, you can enjoy it on some of the longest flights throughout Asia, on the best airlines in the world, for about $400 all in.That’s pretty great savings, and it’s not nearly as hard as you think. Well, at least in points and miles terms…

The High Flying Opportunity

Running With Miles highlights an awesome points opportunity. Aegean, the Greek airline offers amazing rates using points for flights within Asia on their formidable Star Alliance partners. If you’ve looked at a map recently, Asia is huge and comfort can be really nice for seeing the best of it.

These rates aren’t for Aegean flights, since they don’t actually fly in Asia, but rather for travel on partner airlines like Singapore, ANA, Thai, Asiana and other world class options like EVA. For flights within Asia, even the longest ones over 7 hours, you’ll need just 21,000 Aegean points one way.

If you are now saying “well, I don’t have any Aegean points” – that’s the other good part, they’re on sale through August 8th.

According to the Aegean points table, the 21,000 point business class offers include travel between any of the following countries: China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Mongolia, North Korea, South Korea, Taiwan, Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam.

eva air 787 dreamliner business class$390 Bucks For Business Class

If you have zero Aegean miles today, you can buy the 21,000 needed for a one way flight for €350 which is about $390. On long flights such as Singapore to North Asia, you’re looking at over 7 hours in the air, and prices over $1800 on most airlines. Locking this in for $400 is a steal.

The key to making this a success is to only buy points if you find something you can use, or if you have flexibility. Find a flight that works for you, buy the points, and then lock it in immediately.

How To Find Available Flights is the easiest way to look up seats using points for the airlines you can book. Simply go to, enter your ideal cities and dates and search for business class using points, which you’ll see as “MileagePlus award ticket”.

You can even press the button for a full calendar month of availability. Any business class seats offered at the “saver” level will be bookable using Aegean, though it’s important to know that you can’t search on Aegean to actually book the flights you’ve found until you’ve purchased or transferred the miles you need.

Crucial point: ignore the points rates offered on United. They operate a different loyalty program entirely, so even though you’ll end up booking the same flights you’ll pay far fewer points by booking through Aegean. You’re just using United to find the seats that are available, because they have the easiest tool for doing that.

Best Business Class Options

There are some amazing seats up for grabs, and for about $400 all in, or $30 if you already have the points, the deals are superb. You can try Singapore’s 787-10, or EVA Air’s 777, Asiana or Thai A350 and more. Maybe even an A380?

Basically, these airlines offer great flat beds and state of the art planes and for $400 one way, there’s a lot to love. Create an Aegean account here, search for seats on here, buy miles here, and then go here to book. You can only search on Aegean once you have points. Cheers!

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