When you’re an elite frequent flyer with a top airline it’s hard not to feel the perks, between the privileged check in experience, lounge access, fast track and the occasional upgrade. When you bounce back to earth as an average traveler, it’s hard to understand why anyone ever travels. Here’s a brand new Star Alliance match to keep you floating gracefully through the clouds, whoever you end up flying…

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The Match

Turkish Airlines is back in the matching game. The airline is welcoming flyers from OneWorld and SkyTeam airlines into their elite circles again, just for scanning their current membership card and sending an email. Remember, you lose nothing by matching or requesting a match, you keep your current status and you just pick up a status, which can be handy if you ever need to fly any Star Alliance airline. Middle to high tier elites should grab Star Alliance Gold through the match.

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What Are The Benefits? Will I Ever Use Them?

If you’re matched to Star Alliance Gold you’ll find yourself happily streamlining your airport experience. You’ll receive many of the same perks you currently do with your favorite carrier including business class check in, lounge access, bonus miles and even upgrades. The best part is that your check in, lounge and other privileges are extended on all Star Alliance carriers, even when flying economy. That means lounge access on United, Lufthansa, Singapore, ANA, Copa and many top carriers.

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How Do I Match? How Long Does It Last?

Turkish give you a bit of a blind process to get it done, but reports are very good that the matches from all airlines including British Airways, Air India, American, Delta and many more are being honored. To contact them you’ll use their online portal HERE, attaching copies of your current loyalty card (you can optionally add a statement of activity), your Turkish Airlines frequent flyer number (make one if you don’t already have one, it’s free) and request a match to the highest possible tier. The match will last four months and a single flight on Turkish will extend it beyond that. Enjoy!

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