Holy smokes. You’re supposed to keep your cool when you write to a large audience about promotions and opportunities, but sometimes that’s just not reasonable here. For a limited time, Southwest Airlines is offering a “companion pass”, where a second person can travel with you for just the cost of taxes – typically $5.60 – if you book just one Southwest flight.

Recap: Southwest Companion Pass

The Southwest Companion Pass has long been regarded as one of the sweetest deals in all of domestic US travel, but it took a bit of work to earn one. That typically means 100 flights in a year, or grabbing the Southwest Credit Card during a great promotional offer.

The pass is just how it sounds. You effectively receive a buddy pass, which applies even when you use points to book flights, and allows a second person to fly with you for just the cost of the mandatory government taxes. On almost every flight, that’s $5.60, less than some of your indulgent Starbucks drinks.

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Earn Southwest Companion Pass In One Flight

Southwest is going there right now. The airline is offering a companion pass valid from January 6th, 2021 to February 27th, 2021, if you complete just one flight during the promotional window. That’s basically two months of someone else flying nearly for free with you – a friend, colleague, family, whatever – just from booking a single flight.

Incredibly, even one way flights count, which means you can get this done for around $45 and up!

Do flights using miles count to unlock this promotional Southwest Companion Pass? No. Sadly, they don’t – but it’s totally understandable. I mean, right?

To benefit, you’ll need to register by September 24th, then book direct with Southwest for a flight that is completed by November 15th, 2020. Any and all Southwest sold and operated flight counts, provided it’s not a charter, a vacation package or anything else. Just go to, book a flight like a normal person, fly, and enjoy.

Once you have your Companion Pass, you’ll just need to start interviewing friends, family and others to determine who is worthy of the privilege of accompanying you on unlimited travels for nearly 8 weeks. Even for those who aren’t currently working from home, this could provide the easy opportunity for 7 weekends away with a companion, at hardly any transportation cost.

If this is the way airline promotions are going, it’s going to be a wonderful winter.

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