If you haven’t had a luggage horror story, count your blessings. The rest of us can spend the time counting how many hours, days, clothes and trips wasted, trying to track down luggage. It seems simple enough, yet somehow, airlines continue to send luggage to exotic parts of the world we may never ever get to see. Here are a few cool innovations of 2016 to ensure that your luggage stays with you, and if it doesn’t you’ll know how to find it before the airline…

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If you hate zippers, love technology, always run out of phone battery and want stress free travel, without worrying about the weight of your bag, Trunkster is pretty fantastic. Utilizing GPRS technology, you’ll be able to track your bag, anywhere in the world at any time, using a smart phone or computer. That’s just the beginning. You’ll be able to charge up to two devices on the go, with a built in battery storage capable of charging an iPhone ten times. For those of you worried about weight, with increasing airline crackdowns, the bag weighs itself digitally. There’s both a carry on and checked option with prices comparable to leading luggage brands. Here’s $30 bucks off too

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For those uninterested in dropping $300+ on new luggage, LugLoc is the perfect answer. The $69.99 jewel of technology also uses GPRS and satellite tracking, enabling you to find a bag anywhere in the world at any moment, from a phone or computer. Just imagine the look on the baggage counter agent’s faces as they purse through useless information, only to find you showing them a pinpoint of which terminal your luggage is in, whatever city it’s in…

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If James Bond was into luggage, he probably wouldn’t buy the overpriced crap they’re marketing with his likeness. Instead, he’d most likely opt for BlueSmart, the gadget filled smart luggage which weighs your bag, wirelessly locks and unlocks, uses GPS and 3G technology to track your bag, charges any of your electronics up to six times and even has blue wheels, hence the name. Currently, the bag is only available in carry on size, which unless separated renders the GPS useless, but the handy user friendly tech features more than justify the purchase. Oh, and apparently they’ve partnered with Uber to allow your lost luggage to ride to you for free when returned…

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