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Want enough points for a short haul return business class flight, or nearly enough for a long haul upgrade, at a superb price? You’re in the right place. There’s an easy, cunning offer out there, allowing points collectors to grab 18,000 points for less than 1 cent per point! Here’s how to get in on the fun.

The Offer

The company has amended the offer, so to receive the full Avios you must now input Ireland as your billing country, and if you want to be extra safe, an Irish phone number in the “mobile” field. This may make a purchase not go through, so this offer may no longer be worth the hassle if you can’t get your billing to be approve with an incorrect address and or country. Though it could be worth a try? If you have a friend in Ireland you can send money/paypal to, have them book it for you. Send them the dough, and they can send you the Avios voucher. 

Do you read the Irish Independent? It doesn’t matter. For taking out a digital subscription, you can net 18,000 British Airways Avios Points for just €160 or £141. That’s less than half the usual price, and you even get a digital subscription to a leading paper, if it’s of any interest.



We personally redeemed this offer quite a while back, and were thrilled to see our points post within 12 days. We can’t say we’ve spent too much time reading the Irish Independent, but the miles have of course been lovely. When you order the digital package, you’ll instantly receive a digital access subscription. Soon after, generally within 14 days, you’ll receive a digital voucher with your Avios Points. Follow the easy instructions to add them to your account.

Fine Print

There really is none, but if you must – click here. This is a very cut and dry offer, offering an excellent opportunity to top up on points. We never suggest sitting on points for too long, but if you’re looking to book something great and have imminent use, this is a fantastic way to get the points you need at a very reasonable rate. Enjoy!

HT: TravelUpdate

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  1. Just tried now and there is no place to add Irish address – Just mobile and the phone number.
    So how do they decide who’s the Irish subscriber?
    Is it by the credit card number?
    Did anyone actually try it after they added those ROI subscribers condition?

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