$7 an hour massages, anyone?

Travel expenses really add up, even for the savviest jet setters. Flights, hotel, taxis and food are just the necessities – and when you add in things like tour guides, experiences, entrance fees, gifts, souvenirs, drinks and more, your money becomes a very impressive magician, adept in the skills of disappearing. But, that doesn’t stop us from wanting to travel the world, right? These Southeast Asian cities are not only gorgeous and worth traveling to, they also offer incredible value to go along with the beautiful sights.

a landscape with a winding road and a building on topChiang Mai, Thailand

The city of Chiang Mai is set in the wonderful mountainous region of northern Thailand. With endless temples, brilliant views and endless things to do it’s a popular place to visit, yet easy going and far more tranquil than Bangkok. The food is outstanding everywhere you go, and if you’re looking for cheap, it’s hard to beat some of the delicious street food available.

Average 4/5 Star hotel price: ~$70 per night.

a large building with towers and trees in front of itSiem Reap, Cambodia

Siem Reap is one of the most visited places in Cambodia – yet Cambodia escapes far too many savvy travelers. It’s amazingly affordable, steeped in history and the lush setting is wonderfully unique, even in a region of unfiltered beauty. Be sure to get up early and capture the best shots of the beloved Angkor Wat at sunrise. Whether you’re looking for culture, adventure, nightlife or relaxation, you’ll find it here – and for a truly great price!

Average 4/5 Star hotel price: ~$65

a river with a house and mountains in the backgroundLuang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang is a place that’s hard to even conceptualize. The whole town is an Unesco World Heritage Site, and when you’re there you can see why within mere seconds.  The combination of traditional buildings and European colonial architecture make for gorgeous scenery and that’s before we even mention all the cool food markets, waterfalls, caves, monasteries and temples to keep you busy. And fortunately for you, almost any Western currency offers extreme bang for your buck here.

Average 4/5 Star hotel price: ~$50

a city with lights on a body of waterHanoi, Vietnam

The buzzing capital of Vietnam is full of history and is always a fantastic place to explore. The low cost of food, drinks and transport make it an inexpensive place to discover, especially when you stay off the beaten path. Ha Long Bay is a must, even with it being extremely popular with tourists these days – it’s worth spending more to get a private tour and do it right.

Average 4/5 Star hotel price: ~$65

a city with many tall buildingsManila, Philippines

There are so many incredibly stunning places in the Philippines (hello, Palawan), but for savings,  you can do so well in Manila. The densely populated city has a whole lot going on, but watching the dazzling sunsets over Manila Bay can rival the very best travel experiences, at a fraction of the price. And hey, if you’re looking for side trips and not too worried about price, head to Palawan or Bolinao for pristine beaches and natural beauty.

Average 4/5 Star hotel price: ~$75

a green field with trees and a hill

Bali, Indonesia

Massages for $7 an hour, anyone? Bali may bot be your first thought when it comes to cheap, but if you play your cards right, it should be. Avoid the main tourist areas and resort style hotels and you can find some stunning places for a fraction of the price. This is especially true when you look at renting a villa or Airbnb style accommodation. Not only will these places give you more space and local culture, but quite often places will come with the option of using a private chef, which can offer some exceptional value for fresh, local, quality food. You can also find excellent spa and massage options for very little.

Average 4/5 Star hotel price: ~$100

Have you been to any of these amazing destinations?


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  1. Hellooooo… Bali is NOT a city. It is a large island with many different cities on it. What kind of nonsense are you posting?

  2. Thanks for sharing these all wonderful cities information with us. The most popular sport in Manila is basketball. The city has its professional team and professional league. The games take place at the Rizal Memorial Stadium and Araneta Coliseum.

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