Singapore Airlines wows. The end. Like any great innovator, you don’t rest on success. Once you create an undeniable best business class seat and industry leading first class suite, you’ll need to assume that they’ll be coming for you. And by them, I mean every airline and design house in the world. That’s some seriously stiff competition. Less than two years after introducing their award winning, heart throb business and first class suites, Singapore is back with new concept designs from London based DCA Designs. Suite!

a large airplane flying in the sky

Business Class

a cup of coffee on a table in a plane

a seat in a plane

So the first major difference and improvement is privacy. This seat clearly aims to offer an almost “suite” like privacy wall to go along with an industry leading seat width and storage space. I’d have to assume that door can almost fully shut. 

a cup of coffee on a table in a chair

If you’re as detail oriented as I am, you will have noticed two different shades from the first picture to the picture above. That is actually a design feature Singapore is very intentional about. Having two shades of seat creates a feeling of a smaller space and exclusivity, and less like a huge airplane cabin. Very clever. 

rows of monitors in an airplane

It’s hard not to love the completely oversized television screens which Singapore has maintained on it’s last two versions of this number one business seat. I’m glad to see the new design is perhaps even larger! Starting to think some First Class seats could do with a face lift?

First Suites

a glass of wine in a glass next to a couch

You’re not seeing double. The new suite concept is designed to offer either the largest most comfortable seat in the world, which obviously converts into a bed, or an exclusive shared cabin for two, which still, converts into a bed. 

a seat in a room with a glass of champagne

Storage space may not be the sexiest criterion in a conversation about leather, suede and champagne but it’s hugely important. The ottoman clearly features two extra large bins, perfect for any carry on items. More of interest to me however is that extremely large television and the artsy window design. Imagine that suite in full flat bed mode…

a plane taking off from a runway

Are these the confirmed new seats going on the Airbus A350LR and being retrofitted into the Airbus A380? No, nothing is confirmed. Is there a great chance that the seats will be nearly identical? I think so. Airlines don’t often let concepts go loose unless they are curious to see feedback. Here’s my feedback: get them on a plane today. I love Singapore Airlines because their KrisFlyer mileage program is fantastic. You can even book a seat between the US and Europe, or intra Asia in first or business for less than 60,000 miles one way. Suite dreams!


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