Just this week, the aircraft set to break all longest flight records took to the skies for the very first time. The Airbus A350-900ULR is the new juggernaut of the ultra long range flight game, and Singapore Air has first dibs on the aircraft when test flights complete. According to The Straits Times, the airline will waste absolutely no time shattering longest flight records, with plans to launch the world’s longest flight before the end of 2018.

a plane flying in the skyNew York To Singapore

In 2013 Singapore Air discontinued the longest flight in the world, the all business class flight between New York Newark and Singapore Changi. The flight, operated by an Airbus A340-500, was revolutionary at the time, but the global financial crisis and rising fuel costs conspired to make the route virtually impossible. But, thanks to a revolution in composite materials and new aircraft design, Singapore will soon reboot their New York to Singapore flight. The Straits Times reports that the route will again launch before the end of 2018. In addition, Singapore will launch Los Angeles to Singapore in early 2019.

Airbus A350-900ULR

The Airbus A350-900ULR is the “ultra long range” version of the wildly popular Airbus A350. The A350 is regarded as one of the best modern planes for passenger experience, offering the most natural air pressure, noise reduction, air flow and other passenger benefits. The Singapore A350-900ULR will offer 69 business class seats and 94 premium economy seats. There will not be an economy cabin. Thank goodness.

20+ Hours Each Way

These flights will easily clock a whopping 20 hours in each direction. The flights will span roughly 9,500 miles, besting the current longest flight in the world operated by Qatar Airways between Auckland and Doha by approximately 502 miles. Singapore currently flies between New York and Singapore with an Airbus A380 via a connection in Frankfurt. The new non stop flight will cut the journey time by a minimum of 4 hours in each direction, which for the premium business travelers these flights will target, is valuable time.

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  1. I flew those flights many times. They were never 20 hours or more. Don’t you think your posts are always over-dramatic?

  2. I’ve read a number of reviews that mention Singapore’s A350 Business Class seats are tight in the feet area unless you get a bulkhead. Any idea if the ULR will address this? Also, unlikely as it seems, any hope on individual air nozzles?

  3. Does the flight path for the new non stop go the transatlantic route or transpacific ?

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