As travellers we’re easy to please. We just want the best prices without too much hassle. Is that really too much to ask?

Airlines have relished every opportunity to hide their lowest fares for far too long, forcing travellers to find the lowest fares elsewhere and then plug in the data later on. It’s inspired blog posts, Youtube videos and probably even college lectures on how to find great flight deals.

Singapore Air is the first airline finally changed that cumbersome process, and it’s about as glorious as the flight booking process can be. Want to find the lowest prices on Singapore Airlines flights? It’s now *almost* as easy as Google Flights.

Live Fares

One of the best features of Google Flights, is that when you enter two city pairs, you get to see prices for every calendar date. Once you’ve clicked a departure date, the prices update in real time to show you if leaving a day early, or a few day later might save you some money too. The new Singapore Air website now basically does exactly that. It couldn’t be easier.

As of today, when you enter a departure and destination and click the date box, you’ll see a list of prices for every day of the year. The lowest prices are even highlighted in a unique colour to help you tell them apart. Love it. The feature works for all departure points and destinations, which is really handy, if we do say.

There’s just one catch: it only works on desktop at the moment. Neither the Singapore Air app or mobile website display fares automatically. Hopefully that will change with time.

When you’ve found a departure date with the lowest price, you can then click the return date and the same magic will apply. Before clicking search, you’ll be able to see in real time if it’s cheaper to come back on another day, and not just that – but you’ll see exactly how much it would save.

hong kong peakBetter Deals

Singapore Air has launched extremely exciting flash sales in recent months, with Premium Economy from the USA to Hong Kong under $900 round trip and deals to Singapore not far off. Being able to learn about these deals and then almost instantly find dates where you can book them will certainly make a lot of people more likely to book.

No one likes to grind in frustration when the prices they’ve heard about can’t be found. Now to the next big question: why doesn’t any other airline do this? Score one for the Google Flights revolution.

HT: The Shutterwhale

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