This post may not change your life but it will certainly add comfort to your next flight. Not all seats in the same cabin on the same flight are created equal, and you can more than likely grab a better one without dropping any change. Whether you are flying first, business or coach there are some seats that are more favorable than others. Whenever I fly, whatever the cabin, I want the best seat, It’s only natural…

a man holding a knee of another man is a community offering detailed seat maps by airline, flight number and date with user posted notes, photos and reviews. The passenger notes are coupled with airline specs to create a visual map with helpful tips. Some seats, such as bulkheads have more legroom, others are near a toilet, some are in proximity to rows for people with strollers (screaming babies), others have limited recline or less windows and some are closest to the aircraft door for a swift exit! Using the website you receive a wonderful visual map of the aircraft as well as notes on positives and negatives about the seats, things to avoid and seats to compete for. Simply input your airline, flight number and travel date to check out what aircraft you are flying on and which seat will best suit your needs.

a screenshot of a plane

On my most recent booking of Cathay Pacific Business Class from New York to Hong Kong, I quickly learned that within the Business cabin, there is a mini cabin. Comprised of just eight seats, the mini cabin is divided from the remaining 73 seats of the main business cabin by a galley. The smaller cabin allows for more privacy, less noise and more chance for a peaceful sleep on the 15 hour flight. These eight seats are apparently very sought after and had I not looked on immediately after booking, I would likely have missed out as they filled up closer to time. 

an airplane cabin with a small window and a small shelf

Not all seats are created equal and knowledge is power. There is no greater motivator for knowledge than the chance to avoid screaming babies, get enough legroom for those battered knees, or be first off the plane. Elevate your travel by putting in a little research on

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