a basketball court with a basketball hoop and a jersey on the floor

Scottie Pippen wasn’t just a member of that Bulls team which shattered NBA records, along with the hopes of Knicks fans. Mr. Pippen as we’ll now call him, was an integral member of Team USA Basketball, during the ‘Dream Team’ days. I had the video game, you might have too.

To get people into the Olympic spirit, and perhaps inspired by Will Smith offering the Fresh Prince of Bel Air mansion, Scottie is renting out his palatial house on Airbnb for a mere $92, to host Team USA watch parties. And yes, it has not one, but two basketball courts. One inside, just in case it rains.

a basketball court with a jersey on the floor

Scottie Pippen Airbnb

Scottie Pippen is giving fans access to his entire home, but also so much more. Pippen will rent his home out on Airbnb for 3 separate one night stays, at a value driven price of $92 per night.

The epic fan experience, if you wish, will include a screening of Mr. Pippen’s personal footage of his tours with the Dream Team, as well as access to his Olympic and other memorabilia. It’s basically going to be a basketball or #TeamUSA nuts dream.

a man standing in a basketball court

Take it from Scottie, I mean Mr. Pippen himself. His Airbnb listing states…

This stay will bring the spirit of the Olympic Games to life with highlights including:

-A virtual greeting upon check-in from me.

-Access to the home’s indoor basketball court, where you and your fellow guests can enjoy a friendly game of one-on-one or a round of HORSE.

-The opportunity to lounge in my personal movie theater and watch the Olympic Games on NBCUniversal’s broadcast networks and streaming services during the days of the stays, including men’s and women’s basketball. Plus, guests can watch footage of the team’s historic 1992 run in Barcelona.

-A chance to relax outdoors by the pool, complete with an outdoor television so you don’t miss a moment of the Olympic Games – even while swimming. It’s one of my favorite things to do, other than play hoops.

-You can also hold a mini competition of your own in the arcade room, or take a breather after hitting the court in the indoor sauna.

-Fuel up with some of my preferred pre-game foods, including fresh fruits and veggies, or my usual dinner before a big game – steak, a baked potato and asparagus.

-Exclusive access to view Olympic Games memorabilia, including items from Team USA’s 2020 Medal Stand Collection that guests can take home with them

a large brick house with a driveway

Now, the biggest obstacles are twofold. First, you’ll need to have a pretty fast finger when the listings go live on July 22nd at 1PM EST. You can find the Airbnb listing here. Only three nights are up for grabs and there’s no doubt demand will be like tickets for a Game 7 showdown against the Jazz.

Second, you’ll need to get yourself to Chicago. As travel comes roaring back, flights can get expensive, so be sure to use GSTP’s best Google Flights tips to find savings where you can. Our tips on picking the right Airbnb and haggling probably won’t get you very far on this stay, but hey!

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