When something sounds too good to be true, but isn’t – it’s cause for excitement. Mandarin Oriental offers many of the best hotels around the world, and for a limited time, their loyalty program is totally free to join and chock full of legitimately cool perks. Already fretting how many nights you’ll need to stay to unlock some decent benefits? Fear not, no stays are required at all!

a hotel room with a view of marina bay sandsYour Choice

Dining credit? Spa Discount? Complimentary breakfast for two? Mandarin Oriental has launched their very own hotel loyalty program, and the perks are incredible. For infrequent guests, there’s good news too! There are no tiers, minimum stay requirements or any of the other nonsense. The program is free to join and everyone enjoys the same perks. You can choose your own perks, based on what matters to you, for each individual stay.

Free For All

For now, this program is free to join for anyone and the offer does not require any frequent travel to enjoy the entire range of benefits. Once a member, you’ll receive early check in, late check out, complimentary breakfast, wifi and all the other goodies. To sign up simply head here. The program seems keen to push online booking made directly with Mandarin Oriental, and offers two additional “perks” such as pressing services or special celebratory treats for doing so.

High End Answers

It’s no secret that we believe hotels should return to the day of caring for guests like innkeepers. Mandarin Oriental is a very high end hotel group, and it’s nice to see a move to celebrate all guests who show loyalty (or just the brains to join the loyalty program before booking). Free breakfast, wifi and late check out are instantly compelling benefits, and since you don’t need to complete any tasks to earn them, why wouldn’t you?

Will this influence your decision to book Mandarin Oriental hotels?

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  1. Gilbert – This can be especially helpful at the Madrid Ritz….as they offer a third night free off peak (when they re-open). It’s tough to ignore the Amex fine hotels or the Citi 4th night though.

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