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Double bucket list, anyone?

Icelandair, meet world. World, meet Icelandair. Now that you’re acquainted, Icelandair is the airline that’s got £239 round trip tickets to the big apple – that’s New York City, that’s also throwing in free side trips to Iceland. If that sounds like heaven in a bottle, you’re in the right place, because we’ve got everything you need to know to book one of these awesome flight deals, which still include free seating assignments and other little trip perks…

a blue and yellow airplane on a runwayThe Deal

All Icelandair flights come with free drinks and seat assignments, and though checked bags would cost extra, a generous carry on and personal item policy makes this a pretty easy airline to travel carry on only. For £239, you can score round trip flights from London to New York City, and since all flights go via Iceland, you can add a free stopover up to three nights long in either or both directions. Of course, the hotels are on you, but the fact that you’re able to lock in NYC and Iceland with just £239 is pretty darn cool.

a city street with many tall buildings and people crossing itThe Dates

These deals are scattered around from November 2018 thru March 2019. Not every single date will be available, and you’ll want to be sure not to make this mistake when you search for flights. Before you panic, we’ve already made extremely easy to use Google Flights links below, which take you directly to the best deals, and even show you how to book your free stopovers.

a waterfall in a green valleyHow To Book

If you’re just excited about New York flight deals under £300 return, you’ve got lots of options. These deals for £239 are currently the lowest, but Virgin, British Airways and other airlines also have £287 options. Here’s a link to the £239 deals, and one to the £287 deals. If you want the Iceland side trip, maybe for a day or two on the way, the way back – whatever, you’ll make a multi city booking. Here’s an example with an Iceland stop en route, and one with the Iceland stop on the way back. Oh, and here are the rules for your stopover, from the Icelandair website. And since you’re going to NYC, why not check out these 10 tourist traps to avoid, so you won’t be like every other tourist that’s ever come to New York.

Are you ticking New York and Iceland off the bucket list, in one go?

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