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That’ll be £13.98 round trip, please…

You’d be easily forgiven for assuming there was a digit missing from the headlines, but we’re talking Ryanair here- and Ryanair loves a deal. The punctual, low frills, high efficiency airline is out with their latest and greatest sale, with 1,000,000 seats to fill at shockingly low prices. And before you turn your nose up at these deals, let it be known that you can score a first row seat and priority boarding for under £30 one way! But you’ll have to act fast, these deals expire tomorrow.

a plane on the tarmacThe Ryanair Deals

Ryanair has launched a massive European sale, and chances are your local airport is included. From Scandinavian to the Southern tip of Spain and everywhere in between, you can find incredible flight deals to equally impressive destinations. There are flights from London under £7, flights from Italy under €8, Ireland under €12 – you get the gist. If you can find a flight where the first row seats aren’t yet taken, you can pay £20 to score a first row seat with virtually unlimited legroom and speedy offloading! Don’t worry, we’ve got all the rest of the details.

a city with a bridge over a body of waterThe Deal Dates

These deals are available now and MUST be booked by June 21st at midnight. The deals are for any flights departing from September thru November, giving you a nice three month calendar to plan a fall/winter getaway. At these prices, it’s hard to say travel is too expensive. We’ve seen more expensive coffees!

a city with a street and buildingsHow To Book

Easy! These deals are available directly from Ryanair. Simply navigate to your local Ryanair page, like this one for the UK, this one for Spain, this one for Italy and this one for Ireland and click the sale page. You’ll see which destinations are on sale, and will be whisked to dates where the very best prices are available. For less than £14 round trip to exciting winter cities like Cologne or Frankfurt, you are getting pretty exceptional value.

Are you planning a Ryanair Euro trip?

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  1. All the cheap flights are from Dublin, Cork or Kerry.

    Unless you are close to one of those airports this is not even a worthwhile deal.

  2. Never in a million years will I fly Ryanair. I had the option of choosing them for flights to Almeria in September but still chose BA, who to be fair were actually the same price. Even at a slightly higher price I would have chosen BA for points, and sheer respect for myself. I cannot stand the company, no matter how cheap the flights!

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