If you haven’t already read, it’s been a trying couple days for GSTP, separated from laptop and civilization while grinding through two days of cancelled flights. Unfortunately that means a few stories were missed, here are the most important things you need to know TODAY.

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Amex Cutting Sign Up Bonuses

If you’re not familiar with the term “churn n burn”, let me be the first to tell you that it’s the act of getting a credit card, closing it after some time, and then re opening the card roughly two years later, which is the minimum wait time to receive a new customer bonus for many cards, entitling you to tons of miles or points. American Express already axed churners, limiting personal cards to one bonus per card per lifetime. Now it is looking to axe churn n burner business card holders, making sign up bonuses for each business card a once a lifetime affair. Therefore churning Amex cards will end. Period. You’ll still get a new sign up bonus for each different co branded card, and for at least one personal and one business, but then never again after that, once you have one. Terrible news. 

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IHG Points 100% Bonus Sale TODAY Only

IHG, the brand behind high end hotels like Intercontinental and Kimpton are having a one day (ok, yes it was yesterday too), flash sale on points, offering a 100% bonus on all purchases. In the sale you could max out the deal, buying 120,000 points, enough for more than two nights at the highest end properties for $690. Some hotels start as low as 5,000 points per night, allowing for serious maximization, and at high end hotels like Intercontinental, where rates can be shocking, this is a great way to hedge cost, locking in a maximum of $300 per night. Buy points HERE.

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2,500 Virgin America Points For Referring Friends

Virgin America is offering 500 miles for each friend you get to join their frequent flyer program, up to 2,500 points. That’s more than enough for some short haul one way fares, and a great easy way to top off a frequent flyer account. Keep in mind, you need just 35,000 Virgin America points for a round trip flight in Virgin Atlantic Upper Class to Europe. Refer Friends HERE.

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