a pool with a view of the ocean and a hill in the background

But seriously, who doesn’t love Little Dix?

Rosewood is a luxury hotel brand with few peers. It’s a brand synonymous with the ultimate in hospitality, thanks to a tightly knit network of brilliant hoteliers and curated relationships with the best in food, beverage and lifestyle.

And now, after covid-19 temporary quashed plans with months of delays, those who’ve been eager to enjoy some Little Dix can indulge to the max, with Rosewood’s newest resort in the Caribbean, set in Little Dix Bay in the British Virgin Islands.

a pool with a view of the ocean and a hill in the background

Rosewood Little Dix Bay

There’s just something about Little Dix… that stands out among other Caribbean destinations. Set in an idyllic harbor of Virgin Gorda in the British Virgin Islands Little Dix is as untouched as it gets, but not unloved.

It’s the ultimate Caribbean, James Bond style getaway, where life hasn’t changed in the best of ways, with salt water grottos left by volcanic rocks, and expeditions above and below the sea.

After covid-19 derailed initial openings earlier in the year, Rosewood will swing open the 360°, ocean view doors of the Rosewood Little Dix Bay on December 4th, bringing a seriously upscale option to this traveler favorite destination.

All rooms feature attractive indoor-outdoor areas, with plenty of space to work on a tan in private, but the real dreams start with the suites. Villa suites for the hotel are perched up in the tree line, with sweeping views over the crescent shaped beach. Of course, there’s a new world class spa, tennis courts and all that jazz as well.

a room with a large bed and a pool and a view of the ocean

Getting to Virgin Gorda

Now, Virgin Gorda isn’t exactly easy to get to in the best of times, and it’s even more difficult during covid-19 times, but in some ways that makes it all the more worthwhile. There just aren’t many people with Little Dix on their travel radar right now, which is extremely attractive for those who prefer total seclusion.

If you do want to make the trek, flying into San Juan, Puerto Rico and grabbing a puddle jumper to Virgin Gorda, or into St. Thomas USVI and taking a ferry tend to be your two best bets. Doing so will mean going from the US Virgin Islands or US soils of Puerto Rico to the British Virgin Islands, but unless you’re coming on your own jet, it’ll be a lot easier.

If you’re a Rosewood fan, this is an exciting new option, expanding the unparalleled hospitality experience to the Caribbean. For $1200 a night and up, it better be…

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