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It’s always important to clarify at the very start of a post like this that we’re talking about Rome, Italy. Not the Rome in the US States of Georgia, or New York – we’re talking about the one in Italy with the great pizzas, fried artichokes and that little ole’ thing called The Colosseum. Here’s how to score an absolutely ridiculous flight deal to Italy, and spend all the money you saved on delicious vino and pasta…

a motorcycle parked on a narrow streetThe Flight Deals To Rome

There’s really only one way to say it. $248 round trip from the US to Italy is absolutely bonkers, but it’s real, and it’s here today. A variety of major airlines are looking to squeeze out the low cost airline competition by matching on airfare price, but beating them with free meals, drinks and other goodies.

There are deals from quite a few cities under $400, but the most absurd offers are from Boston, New York, and of all places, Los Angeles. Yep, Los Angeles is under $275 round trip…

The Dates You Can Travel

Don’t sleep on these deals, because they’ll probably be gone by the time you wake up. Dates are available at the lowest prices from November 2019 through mid May 2020. Europe in fall and autumn is an amazing time to visit with much fewer tourists, and the same goes for January, February and March before everyone goes on break.

The best prices require staying at least 5 nights in Europe, but being that Rome, Italy and most of Europe is amazing, you should be totally fine. If you can’t enjoy 5 nights in Italy, you’ll probably be unhappy everywhere…

a stone road leading to a circular buildingHow To Book These Incredible Deals

Most months allow travel departures on virtually any day of the week, which is surprising given how outrageous these prices are. Hey, we’re not complaining. We’ve compiled all the best offers from cities around the USA, so simply click the links, change dates to something that works for you within the ranges mentioned above and book something awesome.

Keep in mind, there’s no checked bag on these deals, but you pretty much get everything else. Here’s how to pack a carry on properly, and maximize your “small personal item” allowance to make that all the easier.  As to Rome, here’s a few mistakes tourists make which you’ll want to avoid. Of course, we snuck some great tips in there too!

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