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I’m a big fan of Roam luggage.

I own both an Away carry on and a Roam carry on and regularly rotate between the two. Both, I’d say are equally well made but as Away continues to get crazy popular, I find myself going for the Roam case more often, since it’s customized and funky.

I love never checking it, but if I do, my purple, black and green bag is easy to spot.

Putting technical aspects aside, the difference between the two luggage makers is that each piece of Roam luggage can be customized, down to the color of the zips, wheels, and even each side of the shell.

The cases aren’t cheap, but there’s a sample sale on right now, which means you can get your own funky carry on that’s made in the USA for under $330, down from $550. Looking at the sale, there are some awesome options, too!

ROAM Sample Sale

Today, February 1st, is the last day of the ROAM sample sale.

You can score 40% off bargains on incredible pieces of luggage which add personality and function to any journey. Like I said, I own one and love it. It’s been around the world with me many times.

ROAM obviously creates some samples to show the different combos, so they sell some of the customized carry on and checked bags they’ve already made.

a suitcase on wheels
A ROAM bag in the sample sale

And no, we get nothing for talking about this. It’s just a cool brand making cool luggage and it’s nice to see the luggage space heating up with innovative new options.

Of course, if the sample sale doesn’t have the bag for you, but the brand tickles your fancy, you can customize your own case on the ROAM website, and admittedly, even if you don’t buy, it’s a very relaxing and therapeutic way to waste a few hours. So many combos, oh my!

Anyway, you can check out the ROAM Sample Sale here and just remember that it ends at the end of the day, February 1st. After that, you’ll need to go full on custom.

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