To most people, the airport is a place where you put all of your earthly belongings into a tiny case, get overcharged for bringing it with you, strip, walk through a metal detector at painfully slow speed and then wait to be herded like cattle down the aisle of a cramped airplane. For a lucky few (who are smart enough to read this site and do it for cheap) there are some absolutely ridiculous experiences you can have in the air and on the ground. Here are the most ridiculous and how you can partake without becoming a billionaire…

Remember, even if you don’t have airline miles from any of these airlines mentioned below, many credit card points can instantly be transferred into miles with one of these airlines allowing you to experience it without leaving home…

a round black staircase with metal railings

Virgin Atlantic Heathrow Clubhouse Jacuzzi!

Because why not! Aside from the lavish seating areas, boozy cocktail offerings and unlimited chicken curries you can dive into while in the Heathrow Clubhouse, why not borrow some of Richard Branson’s old speedos (they’re actual swim trunks) for a drip in the swanky jacuzzi?

How You Can Experience This: You can use Virgin Atlantic, Delta or Virgin America miles to fly Upper Class on Virgin. Be sure to fly from Heathrow, the only place to find the jacuzzi!

a bathroom with a sink and shower

Emirates + Etihad A380 On Board Shower!

Apparently even first class isn’t glamorous enough these days. With that in mind Emirates and Etihad have installed showers into their A380 aircraft offering passengers the ability to literally scrub the airport off of them at 36,000 feet. It’s a bit cramped but honeymooners have been known to try to make a break for it, which should certainly put you off!

How You Can Experience This: You can use Alaska, Emirates, Etihad, JAL or American Airlines miles to book a First Class flight on these airlines. Be sure to fly the A380 for the shower!

a bed with rose petals on it

Singapore Suites Double Bed Suite For Two!

Most people parting ways with a kings ransom for a first class “suites” ticket desire as much privacy as possible. For those that want to go the other way, Singapore offers those traveling together to join their seats (suites) together to form one mega suite, complete with a double bed, taking up the entire middle portion of the aircraft…

How You Can Experience This: You can use Singapore, Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic and many Star Alliance airline points to book the Suite. Again, make sure it’s an A380 for the bed!

a room with arcade machines

Emirates Dubai Airport Lounge Arcade!

Because nothing goes together like arcade games and bling bling gold appointed lounges, Emirates decided to put the “fun” back in First Class travel installing a complimentary arcade into its Dubai flagship lounge. When I say complimentary, I really mean that after spending 20 grand on a plane ticket you get to crash some virtual race cars into walls to make you feel better.

How You Can Experience This: You can use Alaska, Japan Airlines, Emirates and Qantas miles to book a First Class flight from Dubai.

a woman lying on a couch

British Airways Private Heathrow Cabanas!

Who says airports have to be public spaces? British Airways have gone to great expense, literally installing a million pound ($£) door, to create the only short cut to an airport lounge without going through duty free. Once inside, First class passengers can reserve private cabanas where a waiter will bring all the £100 bottles of champagne and food they desire while enjoying a private bathroom, shower, couch and television…

How You Can Experience This: You can use American, Iberia, British Airways, Qantas, LAN and more miles to book a First Class flight from Heathrow. Book a cabana in advance!

a bed with white sheets and a purse on it

Etihad  A380 “The Residence” Apartment On A Plane!

Let’s take a walk through the hierarchy that air travel has become. We have economy, then premium economy, then business class, then first class, then a first class apartment and finally, an actual apartment on a plane called the residence. Complete with sitting room, bedroom, dining table and private shower, you can fly in your own apartment aboard a commercial plane. To make the sting of the ticket feel a bit better, you can bring a friend.

How You Can Experience This: Pay $30,000 one way. That’s about it…

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