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Hold on big drinks with little umbrellas, I’m coming…

Hawaii really has it all. If you want outrageously perfect sandy beaches, you got it. If you want to ignore the advice of 90’s R&B group TLC and “go chasing waterfalls”, you can hike and do that too. If you want a cold drink in a warm spot, that’s far too easy. Hawaii is a perfect place to jet off, even just for a long weekend and unlike years past, it’s not ridiculously, cringe worthy expensive to get there. After all, there are round trip flight deals starting under $250!

a plane flying over a body of waterThe Hawaii Flight Deals

Hawaii is a land of boundless beauty, but if you could pick one place that offers perhaps the most iconic coast, it would have to be Kauai. The Nāpali Coast doesn’t look real, and even when you’re there, you still can’t actually believe it is. Hawaiian, American, Delta, Alaska and United are in an intense airfare price war right now, and fortunately for us, it’s reached new heights, errr lows to both Kauai and Honolulu. You can jet off from Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Houston and San Francisco at crazy low prices, with most deals under $250 round trip! WTF!

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St. Regis Kauai.

The Hawaii Flight Deal Dates

All the kids out there with the pumped up kicks say you need to “live in the moment” – and to take advantage of these deals, you should listen. These deals are available at the very lowest rates exclusively in September and October. Other low rates exist outside of these dates, but $250 and under, no. We’re sure your second quarter goals have been satisfied, and your boss won’t mind a little weekend warrior vacation.

a beach with mountains and blue waterHow To Book These Hot Flight Deals

You just really don’t see $247 round trip flights to Hawaii very often. Earlier this year we saw $375 for virtually the first time, and people started shoving colleagues and even close family just to get a head start on booking. Before you miss out, here are the best round trip flight deals to Hawaii, like: $247 Los Angeles to Kauai, $247 Seattle to Kauai, $297 San Jose to Kauai, $297 San Diego to Kauai, $354 New York to Honolulu and $370 Houston to Kona. If you happen to have a Chase Sapphire Reserve card, you could lock in some of these flights for just 16,500 points, and earn miles when you actually fly. That’s an absurdly good value.

Are you booking one of these awesome flight deals?

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