The holidays are hard work for the super wealthy. Not only do they have “everything” when it comes to getting, people expect a lot when it comes to gifting. But this year, we may have found just the thing – unlimited private jets. It’s hard to think of someone who wouldn’t enjoy an all you can jet membership, and one company is aiming to capitalize on the notion…

the inside of an airplane with tan seatsSurfair offers an all you can jet option for $1950 per month. The offer is available for West Coast US Flights, and the company is also launching in Europe. They even offered free rides to launch their European service. But now the company has it’s eyes set on you, the rich people of the world – and your holiday shopping.

a black airplane on a runwayFor a limited time, Surfair is waiving their one year membership requirement, so starting at the relaxed price of just $1950, you can give someone an endless jet set experience. Well, at least for a month. The “all you can fly” is real, so if you know someone with a new years resolution to travel, and you’ve got lots of dough, go for it. Just call and quote the gift giving offer. It’s the holidays after all.

Let’s hope you’re on someone’s nice list this year…

Gilbert Ott

Gilbert Ott is an ever curious traveler and one of the world's leading travel experts. His adventures take him all over the globe, often spanning over 200,000 miles a year and his travel exploits are regularly...

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