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Oslo is a fascinating city, where opulence meets understated Scandinavian tradition. In the city’s most upscale neighborhood sits The Thief. A quirky boutique hotel, discretely mixed in amongst office buildings. Adored by celebs, businessmen and hip travelers alike – the hotel is unlike many options we’ve ever experienced – mostly for the better. For a short stay in Oslo, it offered an exciting albeit expensive experience…

a room with a mirror and beda room with a bed and chairs and a view of a harborAfter a swift and efficient check in, we ventured through the velvety lobby and up to our room. If you’re hoping to pick up a Nordic, viking feel- while also enjoying refinement, you’ll find a place which tip toes this line with elegance. More blankets, pillows and animal skin throws than you can imagine, with highly functional rooms.

a tv on a tablea bed with pillows and a lampThe rooms are not remarkable in size, but offer exceptional creature comforts, starting with complimentary Nespresso- perfect after a long flight. We absolutely loved the motion sensor activated floor lighting. A true godsend in the night.

Furthermore, we were blown away by the state of the art high def televisions, which project light backward, protecting the integrity of your sleep, while catching up on some viewing. Netflix and access to other apps was a nice touch too. Bathrooms were spacious and the room managed to avoid all three hotel pet peeves, all positive.

a room with a bed and a bed in a hotela bridge over water with buildings and boats in the backgroundThe Thief Bar however, stole the show. You’ll need to close your eyes and click your heels when the bill comes, but in the interim – there’s a lot to love. Levitating cocktails- they really have that.

Ingredients you’ve never heard of? They do that too. Fantastic service, that part is guaranteed. Before our departure the next morning, the included breakfast was a very welcomed element. The restaurant offers an extensive buffet to fit all tastes, with a focus on organic ingredients.

a bathroom sink with a tray of cosmeticsa lamp on a tableIf there are any negatives to be found, they would reflect what you already know. At $305+ per night, this place is expensive, and other than a lovely breakfast, the rates do not unlock any additional benefits which help offset the high prices.

Oslo is generally a very expensive city, but also one where there are more reasonable options. You’d struggle to find another property at this level of chic, but for price conscious travelers, it may be best to stop by the bar for an expensive drink, with the savings from adequate cheaper digs nearby.

Have you stayed at the Thief? Or somewhere else in Oslo?


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