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There are airport hotels, and then there are airport hotels. Not to be confused with dingy motels, the latter are refined spaces- offering the best of comfort, cuisine and most importantly- connectivity. For a brief Amsterdam stay- we chose the Hilton Schipol Airport for a variety of reasons and we’re very happy we did.

a sign on a wallConvenience. The Hilton Schipol airport could not be more convenient. A fully enclosed walkway takes you directly from the terminal and check in areas to the beautifully designed and appointed hotel. Though check in can be lengthy (hello, airline flight crews) the lobby is very tranquil. This could also be attributed to the lobby bar, which offers one of Amsterdam’s most complete gin collections.

a lamp next to a beda room with a bed and a coucha chair next to a lampAfter a brief and mundane check in experience, we were directed to our room. Though not the largest of spaces, it felt very new, very chic and well maintained. The ottoman and chairs made for welcome seating and storage areas and the bed was quite comfortable, with double sets of pillows on both sides- as well as the crucial factor- power ports.

For such a small room, the bathroom was very generously sized, with a generous shower, elegant sink fixtures and space for any accessories. Views? Many rooms face the interior of the hotel, offering a strange voyeur vibe for some- though we opted to use the more than sufficient black out curtains for a good nights sleep instead.

a bed with white pillowsa bathroom with a large mirrora couch with pillows on itAs we mentioned briefly- the bar is fantastic. Helmed by a small group of eager, active cocktail enthusiasts, every drink is made with care- and after sampling the extensive gin cocktail menu- each drink was absolutely worth the very reasonable price. It’s certainly not a bad place to kill time, which just about everyone venturing to or from an airport will do at some point.

a group of bottles with liquid in thema bicycle on a bridge over a canalBut this stay was not just about the convenience of life at the airport. Schipol Airport is a mere 20-25 minutes drive into the city, with excellent rail and Uber service available. We requested a late check out- and used the morning before our afternoon departure to venture into the city for a wonderful wander along the innumerable canals, shops, coffee shops, cafes and restaurants.

Point being- this hotel can be a wonderful alternative to higher priced offerings within the city limits, and getting in is a breeze. Upon our return to the hotel, a quick shower hit the spot- just the thing you want before the brief and efficient walk into the terminal. This hotel knows it’s place, and it executes on every level a transiting traveler could ask for.

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  1. What a great review. Brief and concise with great photos that convey so much detail. I’ll for sure consider this property next time I’m visiting Amsterdam.

  2. Stayed here a month ago but requested a room with airport view. For the AvGeek this was awesome! Runway view with non stop action. Room was fantastic and I agree on everything you said. I’d stay here anytime.

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