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Every airline – scratch that – some airlines, have things that they tend to do better than just about any other. For Cathay Pacific, that thing is “first class”, and that absolutely extends to their lounges. If the airport can offer a happy place, it would be difficult to think of a more enjoyable spot to kill some time at London Heathrow than the Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge in Terminal 3. Here’s a full review, and what you can expect inside.

How to get in: all Oneworld sapphire members flying on a Oneworld airline can access the Cathay business class lounge next door, but the Cathay First Class Lounge is reserved for Oneworld emerald members travelling on a Oneworld airline, or those booked in any Oneworld airline in first class. Here’s info on business hours and other features.

a hallway with a chair and a lamp The Cathay Pacific First Class Lounge LHR T3

Everyone entering T3 must pass through duty free, but after you do, follow the signs and stay left towards the lounge signs. After passing through Prunier Caviar House and a sea of people, you’ll end up in the lane where all the lounges are, and presumably find yourself face to face with the Qantas lounge. When you do, turn left to find the Cathay Pacific lounge.a room with chairs and a plant a display of food on a counter

After going up the elevator, a lounge host will check your boarding pass, and if you’re eligible for Cathay First, you’ll be directed to make the first right into the first class area. When you do, you can’t help but feel at ease.

a room with a lamp and chairsThe lounge unfolds much like the beloved “Pier First” in Hong Kong, with soft tones, wood accents and beautiful statement piece plants. There’s a help yourself pantry, a quiet space for work, a full service a la carte dining room, and of course, the “throne” seats, which offer uninhibited tarmac views from the comfort of a reclining chair. Those seats, they go fast.


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a booth seating in a restaurantSo where does the lounge excel? Crowd control for one, quiet for another, and outstanding food to finish it off. The a la carte menu changes with frequency, while keeping a few staple dishes. The service is always professional and the Ilse Crawford spaces make it feel as if you’re tucked into a nice Soho restaurant, and not stuck killing time at an airport.

a plate of food on a table a dessert on a plate a slice of cake on a plateI love the focus on satisfying menu options like a burger, or fish and chips, but also health conscious options, with all allergies clearly laid out on the menus as well.

a group of bottles of wineThe Cathay First Lounge in T3 typically offers Laurent Perrier, a vintage option and often a Grand Cru Berry Bros champagne, in addition to a steady mix of red and white wines, a beer tap, canned beer and high end spirits.

a bar with a tap and glasses a room with chairs and a tableIf you want a cocktail, you can order one from a server, but bear in mind it will be brought over from the business class lounge, so if you favour that sort of drinking, you may want to relax over there. You can never go wrong with a mojito before a flight.

a room with a lamp and a table Cathay First LHR T3 Showers, Amenities And Features

It’s not a big deal, but the one downside of Cathay’s First Class section is that there are no loos. If you want to use the restroom, you’ll need to exit the first class lounge, make a right, and then follow the appropriate signs. Not that it really makes a difference, but the bathrooms are exquisite and feature Aesop products.

a shelf with magazines and books on itNear the restrooms you’ll find the shower suites, where an attendant will put you on a list, if no suites are immediately available. These private shower suites are stunning, with plenty of space to rest your luggage, hang some clothes and stretch out. And crucially – the water pressure is very good.

Better yet, the Cathay Pacific First Lounge shower suites have all the amenities you may need, from shower kits to toothbrushes and even sewing kits at the ready! It’s not having to ask for these kind of details which really make it feel as if there’s real thought and purpose put into each element.

No one wants to scamper past the other suites wearing just a towel to ask for a toothbrush.

a black container with black containers on it next to a box of tissuesThanks to these conveniences, I’ll often plot an extra 30 minutes to shower and change before a long haul flight, particularly one to Hong Kong. There’s nothing like feeling truly fresh and clean at the start of a flight, particularly knowing you never will 14 hours later! It’s the little luxuries, right?

It’s worth noting that Cathay doesn’t typically call boarding for most flights out of the T3 lounge, so do your best not to get caught up in the spoils of free pour, comfy chairs and shower suites; and miss your flight. Furthermore, some gates are a solid 15 minute walk away from the T3 lounge, with Cathay Pacific’s own gates also falling into that category, so do allow plenty of time. In other words, don’t leave the lounge during last call, or you may get called out..

Victoria Peak skyline at nightOverall Thoughts On Cathay Pacific LHR T3 Lounge

This is a fantastic space which has been well thought out from start to finish. It’s not nearly as large or amenity filled as the Hong Kong options, but for an outpost there’s so much to love. These photos were taken during a night visit, but the lounge enjoys beautiful light during the day and the automatic blinds ensure you’re never blinded.

Basically, this isn’t Cathay Pacific’s nicest lounge, but it’s amongst the three best lounges at Heathrow and one of the two best in a terminal with very solid competition. It’s better than most lounges in the world, squarely in the company of Qantas and other top first class offerings, albeit without quite as good a culinary setup. Personally, i’m in two minds about the need to sit down in a restaurant to eat, which usually means giving up a better lounging space, versus having all food served in all areas, but it tends to work pretty well here. If you visit, you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. I love that lounge and if I need to make a 1-stop will purposely fly via Heathrow on OW than connect somewhere else in Europe or the US. It’s been a couple months since I was there last, but they used to have Moët champagne and not Laurent Perrier. Do you know when what changed Gilbert?

  2. I’m constantly disappointed in Cathay’s first class lounge champagne, wine and liquor offerings. Those bottles of champagne are not first class and those liquors pictured are mostly garbage.

    1. I’m with you on that. When they had Rothschild it was solid, but since they’ve just downgraded and downgraded. When they do have a vintage option, it’s got a lot of funk. I don’t know why they can’t just consistently find something that splits the difference in price point, or that actually is a great tasting champagne at a value price. The reds, I don’t even look anymore – generally £8 a bottle and crap.

  3. Which frequent flier programs allow routing from the US to Asia via LHR on a one way award? I love Cathay, and this would be fun to try.

  4. How many power outlets are available? Are there convenient and quite places to sit down and work? How fast is internet access?

  5. I’ve never been to the first lounge but always try to visit the business lounge on the way back to the USA. It’s almost empty before midday and you can have your choice of the throne seats. Great dumplings cooked fresh on demand. Moet champagne on tap. Love it. Always disappointed when I end up on BA in terminal five 🙁

  6. You run a professional blog. No need to get snarky at people who comment that your subject matter is hackneyed.

    Also, please more pictures. They don’t all need to look perfect. Like one of the shower and more of the food buffets would have been nice. Thanx.

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