a bedroom with a bed and a chair
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There we were, rooftop pool, mojito in hand watching the sun drift towards the ocean thinking “this place is everything”. The hardest part about reviewing the SLS Beverly Hills is referring to the stay in past tense.

Placed perfectly within walking distance of all things Beverly Hills, a place thats prominence needs no mention, it’s everything you could ask for from a five star LA hotel, with all the glitz, glamour sophistication (and admirable superficiality) you’d expect…

Check In…

a view from a building to a parking lot

Directly on La Cienega boulevard, one of the most convenient streets in LA, sits the instantly stylish SLS Beverly Hills. Our first impression was “cool, a courtyard soft lobby”. Valets directed us from the car to the “red carpet” entrance above.

a room with a horse statue and a table

Once inside there’s only one name to drop: Philippe Starck. The hotel is entirely designed by the eccentric, iconic magnate of industrial modern style and his touches are everywhere. For some it’s a bit quirky, but we were instantly drawn into the unique offerings.

a red carpet in a hallway

After a prompt and genuinely courteous check in, complete with upgrade to a standard suite, we made our way into the elevator banks which surely were the inspiration for the film “The Matrix”. Vibrant red soft fabrics, stainless steel and mirrors. Quite the combo.

a pool table in a room

We made our way to the top floor where we were delighted to find a bit of a communal area. This seems like a wonderful touch for an otherwise un utilized space, allowing guests to mingle, shoot some pool and just escape the room.

a white chair next to a lamp

Now remember, this is a Philippe Starck hotel, so don’t be at all surprised when you find that your reading light is actually a silver AK47, or that the silver table top directly next to it has been embossed with a tree trunk. It’s the little things that trigger the senses and inspire…

The Room…

a room with a bed and chairs

SLS room seating – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

a room with a couch and chairs

The room was clean, warm and complete with many of the luxury finishes found throughout the property. The modern couch/table proved extremely functional during our stay, the perfect place for a quick cup of coffee or a bit of productivity on the road. Now to ignore the blurred out (abundant) snack options designed by José Andres, the hotel’s Executive Chef.

a room with a bed and a table

SLS Bed – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

a couch in a room

Not that LA often inspires the “warming up by the fire” feeling, but we immediately loved the effect that the faux fur throw created in the room. Blended with warm wood tones, soft coffee tone leathers and the modern clean acrylic and chrome touches, there was an instant feeling of terroir. This hotel is different.

a room with a bed and a mirror

SLS room 3 – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

a room with a table and chairs

Ah, there’s the desk! We found it fascinating to have the bed as the centerpiece of the room, with many of the functional elements in front, behind and beyond. The desk featured high speed wired internet connectivity, writing set and all the other amenities useful for that last midnight thought. As you can see, there’s also a little side table in the corner, perhaps perfect for some midnight room service (or our camera bags).

a bathroom with a white robe and sink

SLS Bathroom – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

The bathroom continued the onslaught of chrome, mirrors and tricks abound in the hotel. You could even turn a mirror into an open space peering into the room. Sorry that one is hard to simulate without video. But onto what really matters, there’s a seriously impressive, powerful rainforest shower complete with top notch bath products. You just can’t spend a night in LA without lathering up like the stars.

The Experience + If We Had To Be Picky…

a woman in a garment holding a drink

SLS pool – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

Mojito anyone? We’re still reminiscing the transcendental feeling of sipping well crafted mojitos at the top floor pool with 360° Los Angeles views as the sun dipped into the ocean. This all comes complete, of course, with incredibly tanned, muscle bound actor types serving the drinks, giving just the perfect dose of superficiality in Los Angeles.

With rates as low as 20,000 SPG points per night and cash prices in the high $200’s, the property is excellent value for someone looking for a perfect location to setup in LA. If we had to be picky, the mojitos wouldn’t run over $65 for three, but hey, it’s a city, we’re used to it, the rooms are awesome and the property is unique….

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