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Good (morning here) from New Zealand. Let us be the first to say – we’re not big car renters. Other than some fantastic experiences with Silvercar in LA, and the occasional rental, it’s not our forte. We are lazy 21st century travelers and usually just take Uber. So if this is “old news”, we apologize. But being as we travel virtually all the time – and found this surprising, you might too. We just rented a car for less than $1.

a city with lights on the waterHow?

Sadly we don’t have any wildly shocking go here, then here, then type this in tricks for you – to make us feel like superior travelers. We needed to rent a car from Queenstown to Christchurch. Two days before we were quoted about $40 per day for a rental. But yesterday, we went on just about every standard rental site and found $1 per day. Enter ferrying.

a red car on a dirt roadFerrying?

Car rental companies often need to reposition cars, just like airlines. Whereas airlines need professional pilots, car rental companies just need anyone going to that destination. With New Zealand being a big time “road trip” destination, these offers are rampant. After some digging, it appears this sort of thing is also all over Europe and other parts of the world as well. Think of places where one way road trips are common.

a beach with palm trees and waterFinding The Offers

We highly suggest a Google on your local Google site of “transfer car” “move rental car” or “$1 car rental”. There are entire websites devoted to this practice down here – and we only found out haphazardly. Long story short – this exists, it’s real, it’s really just a $1, no tricks included and there’s a lot to love about driving 400 miles for 70 cents USD, because of the exchange rate!

Have you scored a $1 rental car, if so – where?


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  1. i did this in Australia a few years ago, we were in Sydney and wanted to et to Adelaide, just rang round a few hire car companies and asked if they needed any relocations, one did, cost us $AU 4 – they paid insurance and fuel… gave us 4 days to cover the near 1000 miles…. car was a brand new 4WD thing with a fold up tent on the roof… was a great adventure!

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